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A collection of subforums for our members' more elaborate projects. New subforums available upon request.
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  • Basilisks and Bastions
    For Ina's modification of 3.5 Dungeons and Dragons.
    Moderator: Ina
    6 Topics
    24 Posts
    No posts
  • Complete Shadow
    Project space for Peacenlove's Complete Shadow project for Pathfinder.
    Moderator: Peacenlove
    10 Topics
    18 Posts
    Last post by Peacenlove View the latest post
    Thu Nov 08, 2012 9:57 am
  • CRE8
    For Draz's rebuild of 3.5 D&D.
    Moderator: Draz
    18 Topics
    69 Posts
    No posts
  • The Color Wheel
    Lord_Gareth and Ina's conversion of alignment to Magic: The Gathering's color system.
    Moderators: Ina, Lord_Gareth
    3 Topics
    7 Posts
    No posts
  • Fleshforged Legacy
    For Admiral Squish's Tryor, a campaign setting shaped by the mutagenic skills of its Illithid overlords.
    Moderator: AdmiralSquish
    21 Topics
    45 Posts
    No posts
  • His Dark Materials
    For Vaynor's adaptation of Philip Pullman's books.
    Moderator: Vaynor
    9 Topics
    17 Posts
    No posts
  • Monster Classes Project

    Moderator: oslecamo
    11 Topics
    16 Posts
    No posts
  • Mythos
    For the Mythos project, created by Heliomance
    Moderator: Heliomance
    3 Topics
    10 Posts
    Last post by joohnjxsgge View the latest post
    Mon Apr 09, 2012 6:24 pm
  • Past, Present, and Future
    For Amechra's storage and repair of Stratovarius' time-based homebrew.
    Moderator: Amechra
    3 Topics
    8 Posts
    No posts
  • The Sauric Isles
    For the Sauric Isles campaign setting by LOTRFan
    Moderator: LOTRfan
    25 Topics
    41 Posts
    No posts
  • Scrolls of Reshar
    For the Scrolls of Reshar campaign setting by Golden-Esque
    Moderator: Golden-Esque
    15 Topics
    68 Posts
    No posts
  • Shadow Theory
    A game of supernatural, apocalyptic horror for d20 Modern.
    2 Topics
    6 Posts
    No posts
  • Siosilvar's Old School
    Siosilvar's project area
    Moderator: Siosilvar
    6 Topics
    17 Posts
    No posts
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