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Monster Feats

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Monster Feats

Postby afroakuma » Sat Jan 08, 2011 8:09 pm

Crushing Willpower
Your mental presence is so formidable that you can push back against, and even reverse, attempts to influence your mind.
Prerequisites 21+ HD, Int 13+, Wis 21+
Benefit Whenever an ability or effect controlled by another creature would allow you to make a Will save, you may elect to make opposed Wisdom checks with the controller of that ability or effect. The loser of this opposed check becomes the target of the ability or effect, and must save as though the effect originated with the winner.

Your powerful stature is not easily afflicted by attempts to totally overcome you.
Prerequisites Con 21+, Huge or larger size
Benefit Whenever you fail a Fortitude save, you may reduce your current hit points by 100 to treat the effect as though you had succeeded on that save. This is not damage and is not subject to DR, other effects or abilities that would reduce or mitigate damage, or effects or abilities that trigger on hit point damage.

Monstrous Toughness
Your endurance is indomitable and without peer.
Prerequisites 21+ HD, Con 21+
Benefit You gain an additional 100 hit points.

Resist Precision Damage
You exhibit remarkable self-concern when it comes to your vital spots, helping you better protect them.
Prerequisites Natural armor bonus 4+
Benefit Halve the amount of any precision damage (sneak attack, etc.) dealt to you. Reduce the critical multiplier on attacks against you by 1 (to a minimum x2 multiplier).

Spell Aegis
You are unaffected by certain specific magics.
Prerequisites Racial spell resistance 18+ or Spell Immunty, 5+ racial HD
Benefit Choose one spell per 2 HD you possess (maximum five spells) of a level no greater than half your HD, rounded down.
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Re: Monster Feats

Postby Ernir » Tue Jan 11, 2011 5:10 am

Look pretty cool. Hard for players to nab, too, but I assume that was intentional.

I'm guessing Spell Aegis is some form of spell immunity, but the actual description of what the feat does is missing.
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Re: Monster Feats

Postby DragoonWraith » Tue Jan 11, 2011 8:54 am

Ah, from what I recall, you get to choose up to five spells that simply don't work on you, period.
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