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Hexenhammer [3.5 Initiator Base Class] (PEACH)

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Hexenhammer [3.5 Initiator Base Class] (PEACH)

Postby DragoonWraith » Sun May 15, 2011 6:03 pm

With this, I have completed the trifecta of Pact Magic: the Binder from Tome of Magic serving as a more-than-passable skill-monkey (though he's generally quite flexible in a lot of roles), the Pact Mage serving as a wizard, and this, the Hexenhammer, serving as the front-line warrior.

“Tenebro, Umbra quae Erat, sigillam tuam obsecro.
Redde me! Obscuritatem habeo derigere malleum meum!”
— Mallea Illetrix, a Hexenhammer calling on Tenebrous.

Scholars of Pact Magic are often persecuted, and so practice in secret. Pact Mages regularly falter under the scrutiny, and usually exist only where their experimentation receives at least slight tolerance. Binders are somewhat hardier, whiling away in hidden lairs, perfecting their contact and control of Vestiges.

To the Hexenhammer, such solitude would be a welcome luxury. Instead, these brazen practicioners of soul binding must train for war against the inquisitors who seek to purge them from this world. Clad in armor and calling upon the Vestiges to grant them unsurpassed martial prowess, Hexenhammers fight back against the burning flames of intolerance.

Their skills should not be mistaken for transparency. Perhaps even more than Binders themselves, Hexenhammers operate in the dark and on the periphery — for a Hexenhammer's occultism ekes out under the most totalitarian of regimes. Their fighting spirit comes not of defiance, but necessity.

Creating a Hexenhammer
Hexenhammers are committed to a dark, difficult path, and are beset on all sides by those who see them as abominations. Their very existence is threatened all too often, and they cannot rely on the powers of Vestiges alone to protect them.

Constitution, the fortitude and determination to overcome the adversities facing them, is of critical importance to Hexenhammers, even more so than the Strength to fight their enemies and the Charisma to work with Vestiges.

Despite the extreme conviction of their assailants, Hexenhammers are not inherently Evil — Vestiges are not moral and do not have that much influence over those with whom they make their Pacts. Nonetheless, it is a rare thing for a man or woman devoted to Good to turn to the Vestiges for assistance, especially in the kinds of cultures that produce Hexenhammers. As for Law and Chaos, the witch hammers face a strange dichotomy: they must be ever vigilant and disciplined to survive, but their very existence is a staunch rebellion.

Where Pact Mages are most likely to come from races that tolerate soul binding to one degree or another, Hexenhammers are the opposite — it usually takes the cauldron of extreme religious persecution to produce a Hexenhammer. As such, there are very few Hexenhammers of any race, but when you look at, say, Dwarves who make Pacts, a disproportionate number are Hexenhammers — because they have to be.

Class Features of the Hexenhammer
The following are all class features of the Hexenhammer

Hit Die

(4 + Int modifier skill points per level; x4 at first level) Class Skills: Balance, Bluff, Climb, Concentration, Craft, Decipher Script, Disguise, Gather Information, Hide, Intimidate, Knowledge (Arcana), Knowledge (History), Knowledge (Local), Knowledge (Religion), Knowledge (the Planes), Listen, Martial Lore, Move Silently, Profession, Ride, Sense Motive, Spot, Survival, Swim, and Tumble.

Table 1: The Hexenhammer
LevelBase Attack
1st+1+2+0+2Soul Binding (1 Vestige),
Vestigial Determination
2nd+2+3+0+3Suppress Sign1st000
4th+4+4+1+4Summon Suffering (1 target)2nd110
8th+8/+3+6+2+6Malleus Maleficarum,
Summon Suffering (2 targets)
9th+9/+4+6+3+6Soul Binding (2 Vestiges)4th311
13th+13/+8/+3+8+4+8Summon Suffering (3 targets)6th422
17th+17/+12/+7/+2+10+5+10Soul Binding (3 Vestiges)7th533
19th+19/+14/+9/+4+11+6+11Summon Suffering (4 targets)8th633
20th+20/+15/+10/+5+12+6+12Sealed to the Pact8th643
Armor and Weapon Proficiency
Hexenhammers are proficient with all simple and martial weapons, and with all types of armor and shields (except tower shields).

Soul Binding (Su)
As the Binder class feature (see Tome of Magic pg. 10-11), except that a Hexenhammer gains different benefits from her Pacts in the form of martial maneuvers.

A Hexenhammer's Effective Binding Level (EBL) and Initiator Level (IL) are the same; this level is equal to her class level plus half her levels in other classes that do not ordinarily advance either. Any class level that does advance either advances both, so that both remain at the same value. Any class level that would advance both only advances the combined level once. The Maximum Vestige Level column of Table 1: The Hexenhammer refers to a single-class Hexenhammer; a multi-class Hexenhammer would have access to Vestiges as a Hexenhammer of her EBL, rather than her actual class level. This includes the number of Vestiges with whom she may make a Pact; beginning at EBL 9th, this is 2 Vestiges, and at EBL 17th, 3 Vestiges.

The Save DCs of the abilities and maneuvers granted to a Hexenhammer are equal to 10 + ½ EBL + Cha or Con, whichever is higher, even if the maneuver in question would usually use a different formula.

A Hexenhammer gains knowledge of maneuvers primarily through her Pacts — each Vestige grants her access to a limited number of maneuvers that she may use. In addition to these Pact-granted maneuvers, a Hexenhammer also learns a few maneuvers of her own, beginning at 3rd level. While Vestiges may grant maneuvers from any discipline or from no known discipline at all, and a Hexenhammer need not meet any of the maneuver's usual prerequisites so long as she maintains the Pact, a Hexenhammer's own maneuvers must be chosen from the Desert Wind, Iron Heart, Shadow Hand, and Stone Dragon disciplines, and the Hexenhammer must meet all of a maneuver's prerequisites, including minimum Initiator Level, before choosing it.

A Hexenhammer's maneuvers use the Save DC formula of Vestige-granted abilities, that is, 10 + ½ IL + Cha or Con, rather than their usual formula.

Beginning at 5th level, and every three levels thereafter (8th, 11th, etc.), a Hexenhammer may choose to 'forget' a maneuver in order to replace it with a new one. The new maneuver need not be the same level as the old, but the Hexenhammer must meet all prerequisites for the maneuver, including its minimum Initiator Level.

Maneuvers Readied
A Hexenhammer's Pact-granted maneuvers are always considered readied. The Manuevers Readied column of Table 1: The Hexehammer refers to the number of her own maneuvers she may ready in addition to those granted by her Pact. It is possible for a Hexenhammer to know a maneuver granted by her Pact, or for two Vestiges to grant the same maneuver; in these cases, unlike most martial adepts, a Hexenhammer can have the same maneuver readied more than once. However, each of her additional maneuvers readied must be uniquely chosen from her list of maneuvers known, so this situation can only come up when two Vestiges grant the same maneuver or when a Vestige grants a maneuver that the Hexenhammer also knows.

Hexenhammers begin combat with all readied maneuvers unexpended and available, regardless of how often they have been used in the past. When used, each maneuver may not be used again for 5 rounds, at which point it is automatically recovered on the Hexenhammer's turn; this is not even a Free Action, but a non-action, and can take place even if the Hexenhammer is unable to take actions — so long as 5 rounds (thirty seconds) have passed, the maneuver is available once again.

Most Vestiges grant knowledge of a Stance, which the Hexenhammer is considered to "know" for the duration of the Pact. In addition, at 5th level, and again at 10th and 15th, a Hexenhammer may choose to learn a Stance of her own from the Desert Wind, Iron Heart, Shadow Hand, and Stone Dragon disciplines. All of these Stances are available to her, and may be entered as a Swift Action.

Vestigial Determination (Su)
So long as she has a Vestige bound to her soul, a Hexenhammer is considered to have the Endurance and Diehard feats. These are considered supernatural abilities, however, as an Anti-Magic Field or Dead Magic Zone suppresses her Pacts.

Suppress Sign (Ex)
As the Binder class feature (see Tome of Magic pg. 11).

Summon Suffering (Su)
Beginning at 4th level, a Hexenhammer who has at least one Vestige bound to her soul may, as a Swift Action, utilize one of two abilities at will — she may either strike out at her foes or protect her allies.

The first version involves damaging both herself and any one target within Close range (25 ft. plus 5 ft. per 2 Initiator Levels) for nonlethal damage equal to her Initiator Level plus her Constitution modifier. This nonlethal damage is converted to lethal damage for any creatures immune to nonlethal damage (including the Hexenhammer herself, if that be the case for her). Her target is further Shaken, and remains so for five rounds. However, beginning when the target is first affected, and once per round at the beginning of the Hexenhammer's turn thereafter, the target may make a Will save to end the effect early. The save DC is 10 + ½ IL + Cha or Con. This is a Pain-based effect; a Hexenhammer unable to feel pain cannot use Summon Suffering.

The second version involves binding an ally's soul to her own, so that any damage done to that ally for the next round is halved, with any damage not done to the ally done to the Hexenhammer herself but as nonlethal damage (unless she is immune to nonlethal damage, in which case it is lethal). For the Hexenhammer, this is another pain-based effect, but cannot be otherwise mitigated. Any mitigation the ally may have is applied to the damage after it is split, so the Hexenhammer receives no benefit from it. This counts as damage dealt to herself through Summon Suffering for the same of her Malleus Maleficarum, below.

Beginning at 8th level, Summon Suffering may be used to attack two enemies, or shield two allies, or shield one ally while attacking one enemy, all in one use of the ability in one Swift Action. At 13th, this number of targets increases to 3, and then again increases to 4 at 19th level. Even if she attacks multiple enemies with it, she only takes the damage herself once.

Malleus Maleficarum (Ex)
When an 8th level Hexenhammer uses a Strike maneuver against a foe she has targetted with Summon Suffering previously in the encounter, she may add nonlethal damage to her strike equal to the sum total of the damage she has taken herself while using Summon Suffering, or she has taken for an ally through any other effect (such as with Shield Other), or healed an ally at the expense of her own HP (such as with Empathic Transfer). If her target is immune to nonlethal damage, then it is lethal. This is a pain-based effect.

If the foe is Shaken, Frightened, or Panicked when struck, that foe is also treated as flat-footed after her attack, until his next turn. Furthermore, if Panicked, the target immediately Cowers, and continues to do so until either the original fear effect(s) wear off, or he succeeds on a DC 10 + ½ IL + Cha or Con Will save, which he may make each round on his turn until he succeeds.

Sealed to the Pact (Su)
At 20th level, a Hexenhammer has turned to the Vestiges completely, relying on them for her safety and protection as well as for the power to do what she needs. So long as she has a Vestige bound to her soul, she cannot die. No effect, no amount of damage, nothing can completely kill her until the Pact runs out. If she would otherwise be dead, however, she cannot form a new Pact, so she only has until the current ones run out before meeting her fate.

Further, the circumstances of her death still influence her: if her Constitution score becomes zero or negative, she may take very large penalties due to low Con (including even lower than the usual minimum of -5, as her Con goes below 0). Effects that kill her instantly do bring her to -10 HP, even though her Diehard feat allows her to avoid most of the penalties for that. Effects that destroy her body leave her Incorporeal, but typically without any way of interacting with the physical world, she can do nothing but watch as her time runs out. Effects that destroy, displace, or capture her soul are thwarted by her bound Vestiges, but after the Pact ends she still dies (but naturally, without anything untoward happening to her soul).

However, whenever this feature prevents her from dying, her soul becomes completely owned by the Vestiges. She not only succumbs to their influence and shows their signs as if she had made a bad binding check, she becomes incapable of resisting their influence. Further, in order to take any action that risks ending her Pact early, she must make a successful binding check; if she fails, she immediately takes steps to prevent the early ending of her Pact for one round before attempting to make the binding check again on the next round (assuming she still can and wishes to risk ending her Pact).

Before her Pact runs out, she may be healed to avoid dying once it does, if the cause of death would have been HP or ability damage and her body is still intact. On the other hand, if she was killed directly by some effect (e.g. Finger of Death), no amount of simple healing will save her. In this state she is a valid target for effects that revive the dead, such as Resurrection (but not effects that do other things with dead creatures, such as Animate Dead or Gentle Repose; other requirements of reviving spells, such as having an intact body, still apply). Since she has not actually died, she remains a valid target for Revivify or similar until her Pact ends (and for a short while thereafter, as normal).

If she is affected by an effect that would bring her back to life, her HP and ability scores are brought to a minimum of 1, and she will not die when her Pact runs out. This also has the effect of removing any effects that would have ended when she died, with the exception of her Pacts themselves. Any penalties for a raising, such as level loss, are deferred until her Pact ends, just as death was.

The Vestiges
Each Vestige that a Hexenhammer may bind grants the Hexenhammer certain martial maneuvers. Not every maneuver is a maneuver actually found in any martial discipline, though most are, but all follow the usual rules for maneuvers. While many are Extraordinary, the Hexenhammer has access to a relatively large number of Supernatural maneuvers. Moreover and probably more importantly, since the Hexenhammer's Pacts themselves are Supernatural, a Hexenhammer loses access to any maneuvers granted by her Pacts while in an Anti-Magic Field or Dead Magic Zone.

All Vestige-granted maneuvers are considered known and readied by the Hexenhammer at all times. A Hexenhammer does not have to meet the maneuver's usual pre-requisites in order to know, ready, and use it, provided she meets the requirements for binding the Vestige that grants it.

Acererak, the Destroyer (5th level)
  • Crux of Transcendence (Stance) — Gain constant Detect Undead, Hide from Undead, and Speak with Undead. Also gain Cold Immunity and Electricity Immunity.
  • Hand of Death (Shadow Hand Strike) — Touch renders foe paralyzed for 1d3 rounds.
  • Negative Energy Infusion (Counter) — All negative energy damage for the round heals you instead of harms you.
  • Obscuring Shadow Veil (Shadow Hand Strike) — Deal +5d6 damage and foe has 50% miss chance on attacks for 1 round.

Agares, Truth Betrayed (4th level)
  • Earthshaking Step (Strike) — As Agares grants to Binders.
  • Overwhelming Mountain Strike (Stone Dragon Strike) — Deal +2d6 damage, target loses move action.
  • Roots of the Mountain (Stone Dragon Stance) — +10 bonus on checks against bull rush, trip, and others, and gain DR 2/—.
  • Litany Against Fear (Counter) — Turns any Fear effect back upon its user, reveals all falsehoods including Charms and Compulsions.

Amon, the Void Before the Altar (1st level)
  • Burning Blade (Desert Wind Boost) — Deal 1d6 fire damage + 1/initiator level.
  • Charging Minotaur (Stone Dragon Strike) — Charging bull rush deals damage, ignores attacks of opportunity.
  • Greater Darkvision (Stance) — Gain Darkvision out to 60 ft., see through magical darkness

Andras, the Gray Knight (4th level)
  • Bonecrusher (Stone Dragon Strike) — Deal +4d6 damage, +10 bonus on attacks to confirm critical hits.
  • Divine Surge (Devoted Spirit Strike) — Deal +8d8 damage.
  • Discordant Strike (Strike) — Target must make a Will save, or attack nearest ally.
  • Pearl of Black Doubt (Diamond Mind Stance) — Gain +2 AC each time foe misses you.

Andromalius, the Repentant Rogue (3rd level)
  • Assassin's Stance (Shadow Hand Stance) — Gain +2d6 Sneak Attack damage.
  • Clever Positioning (Setting Sun Strike) — Swap positions with target of attack.
  • Jester's Defense (Counter) — Just before target makes an attack, force him to break down laughing, provoking attacks of opportunity.
  • Trickster's Trade (Stance) — Gain the Locate Item, See the Unseen, and Sense Trickery abilities that Andromalius grants to binders.

Aym, Queen Avarice (1st level)
  • Dwarven Step (Stance) — As Aym grants to binders.
  • Exorcism of Steel (Iron Heart Strike) — Strike opponent's weapon, it deals -4 damage.
  • Holocaust Cloak (Stance) — Attackers take 5 fire damage.
  • Stone Bones (Stone Dragon Strike) — Gain DR 5/Adamantine.

Balam, the Bitter Angel (5th level)
  • Action Before Thought (Diamond Mind Counter) — Use Concentration check in place of Reflex save.
  • Mind Over Body (Diamond Mind Counter) — Use Concentration check in place of Fortitude save.
  • Moment of Perfect Mind (Diamond Mind Counter) — Use Concentration check in place of Will save.
  • Withering Glare (Stance) — Deal 2d6 Cold damage to one target every turn.

Buer, Grandmother Huntress (4th level)
  • Flesh Ripper (Tiger Claw Strike) — Foe's attacks and AC have -4 penalty.
  • Huntress's Stance (Stance) — As Hunter's Stance (Tiger Claw Stance), plus the effects of the Buer's Knowledge, Buer's Purity, and Fast Healing abilities granted to binders by Buer.
  • Revitalizing Strike (Devoted Spirit Strike) — Successful attack allows you to heal 3d6 + 1/initiator level.
  • Tactics of the Wolf (White Raven Stance) — You and allies deal +1 damage/2 initiator levels against flanked target.

Chupoclops, Harbinger of Forever (6th level)
  • One With Shadow (Shadow Hand Counter) — Become incorporeal for 1 round.
  • Pouncing Charge (Tiger Claw Strike) — When you charge, make multiple attacks.
  • Soul-crushing Aura (Stance) — As the Aura of Despair, Ghost Touch, and Soulsense abilities granted by Chupoclops to binders.
  • Stalker in the Night (Shadow Hand Strike) — Move and attack while remaining hidden.

Dahlver-Nar, the Tortured One (2nd level)
  • Pain Shared (Strike) — Stike transfers damage you have taken to enemy.
  • Punishing Stance (Iron Heart Stance) — Attacks deal +1d6 damage, but you have -2 to AC.
  • Shield Self (Counter) — As Dahlver-Nar grants to binders, but as an Immediate action, with no save for unwilling targets, and with a duration of only 1 round.

Dantalion, the Star Emperor (5th level)
  • Awe of Dantalion (Counter) — As Dantalion grants to binders, except as an Immediate action and with a duration of only 1 round.
  • Thoughtful Stance (Stance) — Gain the Dantalion Knows and Read Thoughts abilities that Dantalion grants to binders.
  • Shadow Jaunt (Shadow Hand) — Teleport up to 50 ft. through shadows as a Standard action.
  • Shadow Stride (Shadow Hand) — Teleport up to 50 ft. through shadows as a Move action.

Eligor, Dragon's Slayer (7th level)
  • Chromatic Form (Boost) — Add 1d6 acid, 1d6 cold, 1d6 electricity, and 1d6 fire damage plus 1 damage of any type/initiator level to attacks for 1 round.
  • Hydra Slaying Strike (Setting Sun Strike) — Foe is unable to use full attack action.
  • Prey on the Weak (Tiger Claw Stance) — Gain Attack of Opportunity for each foe that drops.
  • Wyrm's Charge (Strike) — As Salamander's Charge (Desert Wind Strike), but your choice of acid, cold, electricity, or fire damage.

Eurynome, the Mother of the Material (4th level)
  • Elder Mountain Hammer (Stone Dragon Strike) — Deal +6d6 damage, overcome DR and hardness.
  • Eurynome's Maul (Boost) — For 1 round, add benefits of Eurynome's Maul, as granted to binders, to your own weapon.
  • Step of the Dancing Moth (Shadow Hand Stance) — Ignore terrain, walk over liquid.
  • Tide of Chaos (Devoted Spirit Stance) — Charge attack deals extra damage against law, grants you concealment.

Focalor, the Prince of Tears (3rd level)
  • Aura of the Deep (Stance) — Gain the benefits of the Aura of Sadness and Water Breathing abilities that Focalor grants to binders.
  • Call Down the Thunter (Boost) — Add 1d10 lightning damage +1/initiator level to all attacks for 1 round.
  • Feigned Opening (Setting Sun Counter) — As an immediate action, provoke an attack, then counter.
  • Strike of Sadness (Strike) — Strike blinds target for 1 round.

Geryon, the Deposed Lord (5th level)
  • Acid-Etched Blade (Boost) — As Searing Blade (Desert Wind Boost), but acid damage.
  • All-Around Ebon Eyes (Stance) — Gain the All-Around Vision and See in Darkness abilities that Geryon grants to binders.
  • Daunting Strike (Devoted Spirit Strike) — Target of attack becomes shaken.
  • Vitriolic Charge (Strike) — As Searing Charge (Desert Wind Strike), but +6d6 acid damage instead of fire damage.

Haagenti, Mother of Minotaurs (2nd level)
  • Blunt Force Trauma (Strike) — Target of attack becomes Confused for 1 round.
  • Counter Charge (Setting Sun Counter) — Ruin charge attack, force charging foe to move away from you.
  • Immunity to Transformation (Stance) — As Haagenti grants to binders.
  • Mountain Hammer (Stone Dragon Strike) — Deal +2d6 damage, overcome DR and hardness.

Halphax, the Angel in the Angle (8th level)
  • Architectural Form (Stance) — Gain the Damage Reduction and Halphax's Knowledge abilities that Halphax grants to binders.
  • Diamond Defense (Diamond Mind Counter) — Gain save bonus equal to level.
  • Earthstrike Quake (Stone Dragon Strike) — Local quake knocks enemies prone.
  • Prison Becomes Tomb (Strike) — Strike may Imprison targets, as the spell.
  • White Raven Hammer (White Raven Strike) — Deal +6d6 damage, stun opponent.

Haures, the Dreaming Duke (6th level)
  • Incorporeal Movement (Stance) — As Haures grants to binders.
  • Phantasmal Killer (Strike) — As Haures grants to binders.
  • Scorpion Parry (Setting Sun Counter) — Parry attack into second opponent.
  • Silhouette (Boost) — Create a mirror image for 1 round; mirror image can attack foes.

Ipos, Prince of Fools (6th level)
  • Cold Iron Heart (Stance) — Gain the Cold Iron Claws, Ipos's Influence, Planar Attenuation, and Rend abilities that Ipos grants to Binders.
  • Dancing Mongoose (Tiger Claw Boost) — Make one extra attack with each weapon (max of two extra attacks).
  • Flanking Maneuver (White Raven Strike) — Hit flanked target, allies gain free attack.
  • Flash of Insight (Boost) — As Ipos grants to binders.

Karsus, Hubris in the Blood (3rd level)
  • Iron Heart Surge (Iron Heart) — Remove effect, gain +2 morale bonus on attacks.
  • Karsus's Strike (Strike) — As the Karsus's Touch that Karsus grants to binders, but after a successful melee attack.
  • Karsus's Stance (Stance) — Gain the Heavy Magic, Karsus's Senses, and Karsus's Will abilities that Karsus grants to binders.

Leraje, the Green Herald (1st level)
  • Douse the Flames (White Raven Strike) — Target cannot make attacks of opportunity for 1 round.
  • Ricochet (Strike) — Attack two adjacent opponents with a ranged attack.
  • Sublime Archer (Stance) — Use martial maneuvers with ranged attacks.
  • Vanguard Strike (Devoted Spirit Strike) — Allies gain +4 bonus on attacks against target.

Malphas, the Turnfeather (2nd level)
  • Backstab (Stance) — Gain +2d6 Sudden Strike damage.
  • Bird's Eye Viewing (Stance) — As Malphas grants to binders.
  • Cloak of Deception (Shadow Hand Boost) — Turn invisible until the end of your turn.
  • Poison Blade (Boost) — Apply a poison to your weapon; do not risk poisoning yourself.

Marchosias, King of Killers (7th level)
  • Death in the Dark (Shadow Hand Strike) — Deal +15d6 damage to surprised target.
  • Murderer's Pyre (Strike) — Against any target who takes advantage of others' surprise, deal +10d6 fire damage.
  • Scything Blade (Iron Heart Boost) — Strike one foe, free attack against another.
  • Smoke Form (Stance) — As Marchosias grants to binders.

Naberius, the Grinning Hound (1st level)
  • Deceptive Empathy (Counter) — Remove 1 ability damage done to any of your scores, and apply the same damage to the source of the damage.
  • Distracting Ember (Desert Wind Boost) — Fire elemental appears, flanks enemy.
  • Disguise Self (Stance) — Change appearance while in this stance, as the spell.
  • Persuasive Blow (Strike) — Despite the melee attack you have just dealt him, your enemy is Commanded.

Orthos, Sovereign of the Howling Dark (8th level)
  • Howling Whirlwind (Strike) — Attack and drive back all adjacent foes, leave them cowering.
  • Manipulation of Light (Stance) — Gain the Blindsight and Displacement abilites that Orthos grants to Binders.
  • Time Stands Still (Diamond Mind Strike) — Take full attack action two times.

Otiax, the Key to the Gate (5th level)
  • Air Bludgeon (Boost) — You may attack as if your weapon were a reach weapon that nonetheless can attack adjacent squares (as a Spiked Chain can), but no Strength to damage.
  • Concealing Mist (Stance) — As Otiax grants to Binders.
  • Rapid Counter (Diamond Mind Counter) — Strike opponent who provokes attack from you.
  • Strike of the Broken Shield (Setting Sun Strike) — Attack deals +4d6 damage, makes target flat-footed.

Paimon, the Dancer (3rd level)
  • Dance of Death (Strike) — As Paimon grants to Binders.
  • Dextrous Dance (Stance) — Gain the Paimon's Blades, Paimon's Dexterity, and Paimon's Skills abilities that Paimon grants to Binders. Also, being flat-footed does not prevent you from using Counters.
  • Iron Whirlwind (Strike) — As Mithral Tornado, but with no bonus to attack.
  • Zephyr Dance (Desert Wind Counter) — +4 AC against single attack.

Ronove, the Iron Maiden (1st level)
  • Mighty Throw (Setting Sun Strike) — Grab foe, throw him up to 10 ft.
  • Steel Wind (Iron Heart Strike) — Attack two opponents.
  • Sudden Leap (Tiger Claw Boost) — Jump as a Swift action.
  • Way of Iron (Stance) — Replace weapon damage with the unarmed strike damage of a Monk equal to your initiator level.

Savnok, the Instigator (2nd level)
  • Call Armor (Stance) — As Savnok grants to Binders, but some properties stack with your existing armor.
  • Clinging Shadow Strike (Shadow Hand Strike) — Foe suffers from 20% miss chance on attacks.
  • Disarming Strike (Iron Heart Strike) — With successful attack, attempt to disarm foe.
  • Move Ally — As Savnok grants to Binders.

Shax, Sea Sister (6th level)
  • Freedom of Movement (Boost) — As Shax grants to Binders.
  • Leaping Lightning (Counter) — As Leaping Flame (Desert Wind Counter), but electricity damage instead of fire.
  • Movement of the Eel (Stance) — Gain the Immunity to Electricity and Swim Speed abilities that Shax grants to Binders.
  • Tempest (Strike) — As Desert Tempest (Desert Wind Strike), but all damage dealt (even extra damage of a particular type, perhaps from a boost or stance) is half sonic, half electricity.

Tenebrous, the Shadow That Was (4th level)
  • Flickering (Counter) — Teleport 5 ft./initiator level; attacks against you take 50% miss chance.
  • Rebuke Undead — As Tenebrous grants to Binders.
  • Shroud of Darkness (Stance) — Gain the Deeper Darkness and See in Darkness abilities that Tenebrous grants to Binders.
  • Undeath Mark (Strike) — As Death Mark (Desert Wind Strike), but cold damage instead of fire.

Zagan, the Duke of Disappointment (6th level)
  • Aversion — As Zagan grants to Binders.
  • Choking Python (Chthonic Serpent Strike) — On a successful attack, start a grapple as a free action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity.
  • Crushing Vice (Stone Dragon Strike) — Deal +4d6 damage, attack immobilizes creature.
  • Snake Sword (Stance) — Your weapon comes to life, haft or blade becoming writhing and serpentine. During your turn, you may treat your natural reach as 10 ft. greater than it normally is, and your weapon qualifies as associated with Chthonic Serpent.

Image Credits
Image is adapted from "Sirrion Cleric" by Abishai. All credit to him for the image.
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