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The Islands, in Greater Detail

PostPosted: Sun Nov 07, 2010 4:14 pm
by LOTRfan
The Main island
The Main Island is where the campaign starts. This is the hub for most intelligent life. If any of the islands can be described as even borderline civilized, it would be this one.

Keep in mind that these are the only settlements, and all land between them is hostile terrain filled with dangerous beasts.

Talenta Village: This village is the primary home for the Lightfoot Halflings. This village has 400 members. The population breakdown is as follows: 96% Halfling (384), 2% Finhead (8), 1% Bladeback (4), .8% Flyer (3), and .2% Hornhead (1). It has an active police force of 4, and an emergency defense army of 20.

Plains Village: This village is the home of the Hornhead Saurials. It has a population of 432, broken down as follows: 96% Hornhead (415), 2% Halfling (9), 1% Flyer (4), and 1% Bladeback (4). They have a police force of 4 and a defensive army of 21.

Jungle Village: Bladebacks are native to the Jungle Village. It has a population of 685. The population is composed of: 96% Bladebacks (658), 2% Hornhead (12), 1% Finhead (6), .8% Flyer (5), and .6% Halfling (4). It has a Police force of 6, and a paid army of 34.

Mountain Village: The Flyers make their homes in the mountains. The population is 700, with a breakdown list of: 96% Flyers (672), 2% Finhead (14), 1% Bladeback (7), and 1% Hornhead (7). It has a police force of 7 and a basic army of 35.

Marsh Village: The Finhead village is located in the small marshland by the lake. It has the highest populations of all the villages, with 900 people: 96% Finhead (864), 2% Bladeback (18), 1% Flyer (9), and 1% Hornhead (9). It has the largest law enforcement agencies of any village as well, with 9 officers and a permanent army of 45.

Eastern Mountain Village: This hostile village is one of the two settlements Pterafolk inhabit. The Eastern Mountain Village has a population of 800, and all citizens are Pterafolk. It has a police force of 8, and a raiding army of 40.

Western Mountain Village: The other Pterafolk village is slightly larger, and just as aggressive, as the eastern analogue. It has a population of 900, and 97% (873) is Pterafolk. It also has 27 Flyers branded as traitors by the other Saurials, who see their betrayal as the ultimate crime. It has 9 police officers and an army of 45.

Decoru-Urbi: Decoru-Urbi, derived from the draconic phrase meaning “Beautiful City,” is the largest settlement in the Sauric Isles, but still small by the standards of other more civilized continents. It is a small city, with a population of 10,000. It is the most well mixed community on the island, with 40% being Finhead (4,000), 20% Bladeback (2,000) 18% Flyer (1,800), 17% Hornhead (1,700), and 5% Halfling (500). It easily has the best police force and military, having 100 in the former and 500 in the later.

Halflings: Halflings were originally from another continent further east, but a small portion of them wanted to adventure to other continents. They set off in a fleet of boats, intent on colonizing the first land they see, when a storm hit and nearly wiped them all out. About two fifths of them died. The other three fifths ended up in two different places. Two fifths of the original Lightfoot fleet landed on the Main Island. Upon seeing the colossal lizards calling the Isles home, a fourth fled back into the shallow waters, and eventually became the Shoal Halflings (more on them later). The other Lightfeet established a village in the plains, which they named Talenta. They allied with the native Saurials, and tamed a variety of Dinosaurs. Halflings are optimistic and friendly, and are usually helpful to those they encounter. Often Chaotic Good.

Pterafolk: Pterafolk are a shapeshifting race of lizards that can take on Pterosauric aspects. In their natural form, they resembled beaked lizardfolk with no tails. They have the ability to change their arms into wings, or fully transform into a pteranodon. They are highly territorial, and believe the Northern Mountains are their ancestral home. As a result, they are constantly attacking the smaller Flyers in an attempt to make them abandon their village. Often Neutral Evil.

Saurial: Saurials are evolved dinosaurus/pterosaurs, coming in a number of forms. The ones listed below live on the Main Island.
Bladeback- Bladebacks are patient and trusting. Bladebacks are very social, and can get along well with pretty much anyone they talk to. Although they try their best to see things from other people’s shoes, they rarely forgive. Bladebacks are often advisors or other important positions, like High Priests. Usually Neutral.
Finhead- Finheads are the most populous of the Saurials. Bright, emotional, and curious, Finheads are hardworkers and believe in the greater good. At the same time, many see Saurials as naïve, as they see the world in terms of black and white. They have human proportions, but with a fin protruding from their skulls (the basis for their namesake), a bill, and a tail which composes about half its bodyweight. Usually Neutral Good.
Flyer- Flyers are carnivorous flying Saurials, and the smallest of all the subraces. As a result, most are nervous and afraid of combat (although there are a few heroic Flyers recorded in Saurial history). This is the main reason other larger races see Flyers as irritating (and vice versa). Flyers are similar in proportion to Halflings, but with leathery wings. Flyers need armor specifically built for them, because their wings extend from their wrists to their waist. Usually Neutral Good.
Hornhead- Hornheads are one of the largest Saurials. They resemble Triceratops, with three horns and a frill. They tend to be carefully, and always think rationally before acting. They especially like tasks that test both mental and physical strength, like blacksmithing and construction. Their tails are extremely long, and they have 10 ft. reach with it. Hornheads are more leaders than followers. Usually Lawful Good.

Re: The Islands, in Greater Detail

PostPosted: Sun Nov 07, 2010 4:14 pm
by LOTRfan
This is reserved for the jungle island.

Re: The Islands, in Greater Detail

PostPosted: Sun Nov 07, 2010 4:14 pm
by LOTRfan
The Desert Island
The Desert Island is a mostly lifeless area with a very hostile environment. Not only is food rare, but water and shelter is as well (this could be an alternative starting island, if players want to play using more traditional races).

The Survivor's Camp: This camp contains the survivors of a shipwreck that happened sixteen years ago. The people living in it have practically given up all hope of returning to their homes in the civilized continents. The original passengers/crew were very diverse, so half-breeds are very common (and they do not have the stigmatisms against them that they do in other lands). The second generation (well, most of it, anyway) have recently achieved adulthood. The survivor count is 358: 94 Humans, 53 Elves, 45 Halflings, 19 Dwarves, 4 Gnomes, 26 Orcs, 38 Half-Elves, 33 Half-Orcs, 38 Quarterlings, and 8 Half-Gnomes. All help out to protect the camp, and policing is no longer deemed necessary.

Curvedclaw Settlements: Curvedclaws have no permanent settlements, instead making temporary shelters out of the tough and durable plantlife found near oasis as they travel looking for food. Because the Curvedclaws are always moving, their total population is unknown.

Saurial- Only one subrace of Saurial can be found here.
Curvedclaw- Curvedclaws are raptor-like Saurials. They live a very nomadic life, with a pack-minded society. In their minds, without their pack, they are nothing. Like their Velociraptor ancestors, their packs are tightnit and everyone knows their place. They do not believe in helping others of their kind outside their pack, as that leaves more rivals for an already small amount of resources. They attack other groups on sight (and many even practice cannibalism). Usually Lawful Evil.

Native Animals/Monsters
Bloodstriker- Bloodstrikers, called Crourasaurs (blood-lizards) in Draconic, are huge omnivores descended from Protoceratops. Living in an environment infested with velociraptors, these creatures adapted in very special ways. They became inedible. With its spiked skin and blood that acts like acid, only the suicidal try to eat Bloodstriker flesh.

Ceratosaurus- Ceratosaurs ("Horned Lizard") are the largest carnivores on the Desert island. These huge maroon-colored beasts are vicious, and never miss the opportunity to eat. They have two small horns, each one protruding right above either the left or right eye. It has a large horn on its snout, as well.

Pachycephalosaurus- Pachycephalosaurus ("Thick headed lizard") are herbivores, but highly aggressive. Their hard skulls are perfect for their defensive style: head butting enemies. A single critical hit from the Pachycephalosaurus is capable of smashing bones. Few are capable of taking one down on their own.

Protoceratops- Protoceratops ("First Horned Face") are herbivores the size of sheep. They wander the deserts in herds, protecting their young and looking for food. They are the common prey of Velociraptors and Curvedclaws. Despite the fact that they are more fragile then their Triceratops cousins, a single Protoceratops can hold their own against one or two raptors.

Scutosaurus- Scutosauruses ("Shield Reptile") are heavily armored reptiles related to turtles. They are about the same size as Protoceratops. Scutosauruses are among the easiest creatures in the area to kill, as they are slow moving and have short attention spans. What does improve their chances of survival, however, is their large numbers. For every one of these creatures that die, five more will be born to replace it.

Velociraptor- Velociraptors ("swift seizer") are vicious feathered carnivores known for ripping apart their enemies. Velociraptors are highly intelligent, and live in groups of three to five called packs. Each pack is led by a male, while all other members are female (although the occasional beta male does appear in a pack, constant tension and competition ends the life of one of them). They wander the deserts, tracking down food.

Velociraptor, Cliff- Cliff Raptors are a mountain variant of the more common Velociraptors. These creatures traverse the rocky areas with surprising ease. They have been hunting the survivors of the shipwreck for years, and have learned that humanoids are an easy source of food, and as such they do not need to be the diehard survivalists the rest of the island is. They like ambushing by jumping from ledges and landing on top of their prey.

Zezir- Zezirs, called Igvisadon ("fire breath") in Draconic, are red skinned reptilian magical beasts. These creatures have an odd affiliation with flame, and they love to set objects -and creatures- alight. They eat ash, so they also gain sustenance from their gruesome handiwork. They like to attack in two waves: first they run past their enemies, spraying them with a superheated goo from special glands. On the second attack run, they fire sparks at the goo, setting it alight. They then stay out of range and watches as the fire does the work.

Re: The Islands, in Greater Detail

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by LOTRfan
This is reserved for the marsh island.