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Vestiges (PEACH)

For the Sauric Isles campaign setting by LOTRFan

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Vestiges (PEACH)

Postby LOTRfan » Mon Jan 17, 2011 5:57 pm

Azuvidexus, the Ravenous Maw
Vestige Level: 7
Binding DC: 32
Special Requirement: Yes

Legend: Roughly six hundred years ago, the world was a much happier place. It wasn't tainted with the primordial evil known as the Crawling Jungle. The plague was confined to the outer planes, in the Infinite Layers of the Abyss. There, it was known as N'gharl, and it was ruled by three fearsome 'gloths (semi-undead demons, similar to Orcus). One ruled the seas, the [url=[/url]second[/url] ruled the skies, and the third and final (the most powerful of the three) ruled the jungles of the abyssal layer.

For millions of years, they lived in their personal section of chaos, with all forms of lesser demons and fiendish reptiles. The most powerful one, the Spinogloth Azuvidexus, became a feared leader that challenge even Demogorgon himself. He and his two allies constantly raided Gaping Maw, destroying Demogorgon's tinkerings and slaughtering his allies. Demogorgon was smart, however, and he came up with a plan. He murdered a beloved Demigod of an ancient pantheon, and secretly met with the leader and told him that Azuvidexus had done it.

Angered, they marched to his layer, and ripped it out of the Abyss. They compressed it into an artifact the size of a human head, called the N'gharl Seed. The deities tossed the seed (along all the demons imprisoned in it) into the Astral Plane. This caused a chain reaction that resulted in the Abyss killing the entire pantheon, and using their bodies to create the Dreaming Gulf. Their dead thoughts became the Loumara demons.

The N'gharl Seed drifted across the Astral Plane for a short time, before finally reaching the Material Plane roughly six hundred years ago. Here, it landed on an isolated island. A wandering Tyrannosaurus Rex, driven to insanity by a rot worm infection in the brain, mistook the seed as prey and bit it. The abyssal energy exploded, and a lesser version of N'gharl (roughly 10 miles on diameter) sprung to life, consuming the enter southern half of the island. All the demons broke free. All but one. As a fail safe, the gods had made it so that if the Seed was to ever brake, his power who flow out of his body. Since the Tyrannosaur bit it, the power was infused into it, and the original Azuvidexus was powerless. Now, he is a vestige, scheming to reclaim his power and lead to the ultimate defeat of what he perceives as his impersonator.

Special Requirement: Those who wish to bind Azuvidexus must not be affiliated with Demogorgon in any way, and must not have been possessed by a Loumara demon in the past week.
Sign: Dead growths appear in a straight line on the binder's back, making the spine seem elongated.
Influence: People bound to Azuvidexus are always hungry, and they must eat when ever given the opportunity to. Azuvidexus' hatred of Demogorgon seeps into the bodies of those bound to him. Binders must attack creatures affiliated to Demogorgon within five rounds of learning said affiliation, and must always deal lethal damage to them.
Granted Abilities: When bound to Azuvidexus, you gain the powers of the mighty Obyrith from N'gharl.

Form of Madness (Su): Anyone within 100 ft. of the Binder must make a Will save (10 + 1/2 Binder level + Binder's charisma modifier), or become terrified of all reptiles (this includes the binder, whether he is truly reptilian or not, as long as he is bound to Azuvidexus). This is a mind-affecting ability that does not affect evil outsiders. A successful save makes the target immune to the binder's form of madness for 24 hours. If the target fails, they become panicked when coming within 100 ft. of a reptile. If they are aware of any reptile in the area, they will not willingly move towards it.

Scent (Su): Once every five rounds, the binder can sniff the surrounding area using Azuvidexus' supernatural senses. This ability works like the common Scent extraordinary ability.

Command Animal (Su): This ability functions like the dominate animal spell, except it only works on reptiles and may be used on fiendish reptiles, even though they are magical beasts. Will save DC is Charisma based. It is usable every five rounds.
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