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[Setting, Extension] The Lords of Avramir

For the d20 Rebirth system, headed by Fax Celestis

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[Setting, Extension] The Lords of Avramir

Postby NekoIncardine » Mon Jan 24, 2011 3:52 pm

I'd like to leave this thread as a work thread. A separate discussion thread will be established right after I post this, so that this thread - which will probably get quite large over time - can be nice and clean.

All content in this thread is originally written by Lappy9000, with some updates/fixes by NekoIncardine. Some of the information discussed here involves out-of-date versions of the d20 Rebirth ruleset.

Olaesys sits, ‘twixt planar blooms,
Worlds blossoming on mighty tree,
To reap destruction and mortal doom,
As watchers gaze but daren’t see.

Ruled by Chaos, governed by Law,
Light shines forth from moons above,
Whilst darkness spews from tainted maw,
To land by refugee beloved.

Half is ruined, yet three-quarters whole,
The seas doth pour unerringly,
Leaders failed as death bells toll,
What happens next, is yet to see.

-Excerpt from “The Odyssey of Seig”


The mythical and magical world of Olaesys floats within an otherworldly tree of colossal proportions. Amid a forest of such mighty woods are the flourishing worlds that thrive within, each special and unique. However, as other worlds blossom, tremendous stress is put upon the great tree, wreaking havoc on the mortals who dwell within the worlds inside. Among these earthly beings are the rare persons of prodigious knowledge capable of discerning such calamities. However, while learned they may be, none can end the mayhem brought on by the flowering of worlds.

Although Olaesys itself is a land of chaos, law oft rises to exert control over the realm, but forever topples yet again in an endless cycle. From the four moons that dot the night sky, glorious radiance is emitted from the life spirit Arthraka, in a staunch contrast to the shadowy abominations of the flesh-weaver Kazinthos. All are things common place in Dolsaren, the land of the refugees.

Sunken below the seas are both the eastern and western continents, victims of the Great Cataclysm. However, still standing are the two landmasses on opposing halves of the world, united by the vast Underdeep below the earth. As testament to the Great Cataclysm’s fury, the oceans cascade endlessly into the craters of the former continents as death and ruin abounded throughout the world. Such as law fails eternally to chaos, leaders, too fell in this disaster, leaving their subjects to fend for themselves in this brave new world.

The Lords of Avramir is a campaign setting defined and explained by the Odyssey of Seig, source of much of the history of the world of Olaesys.

While originally designed with D&D 3.5 in mind, the setting has been switched to use d20 Rebirth. Not all content has yet been converted, and some of it has been converted to older versions of the system and needs updating.

January 24th, 2010: Work on the port begins. Being my usual OCD self, I'll be going over things as I go, rather than simply copypasta'ing - all lore elements, however, I plan to leave alone unless I've discussed them with others.

08/09/10: Seems it's not dead yet. The LoA Policy: I'm not done with it till it's done.

05/15/10: Having some difficult writing a plane of Eeeeevil without overly lucid descriptions that I find unfavorable. Maybe I should try something different..? Doesn't have to be an opposite of Gyzatt, yah?

Anyway, I'm making maps like crazy, so hopefully the "Life in Dolsaren" section will come pretty quickly after the cosmology.

04/24/10: Two updates in two days?! MaaAaAAAAAAaaaaAaadness! Actually, that's probably right, since one of those updates is the plane of Chaos :p

Next update will update when it's updated.

03/28/10: Retconning complete! Avramir is the plane of 12 layers, Crolodi is the plane of 8 layers, and Darshran is a plane of 6 layers. That's a bunch of new layers for you! I'mapooped now. Laranya will be up soon.

03/27/10: Oh, hey, so I goofed up. Laranya needs to have 4 layers 'cause of a theme I wanna do, so I'll have to retcon Darshran to 6. This also has the added effect of making the plane of darkness equal to the plane of light! Snazzy! This shall be worked on.

03/26/10: Hoo, thanks folks! Gyzatt is up and at 'em!

03/15/10: Troglodyte picture = much kickawesomery! Be sure to check out TyphoonCutter's page; he's awesome. Now for seriousness; things are somewhat halted, because this is my creative dump for when I'm not running a D&D game. Well, I'm back to full-time DM, and have been so since December. I'll post what I can, but I prefer to have well-developed creative thoughts instead of things I just churned out. I do have some awesome art from awesome artists coming out in eventual posts :3

03/04/10: Yo dawg, check it; Maps!

02/03/10: Slow, yet steadily chuggin' along! Behold the realm of shadow! Next one's gonna be a doozie ;)

01/14/10: First post of the new year?!? Indeed :D

12/24/09: Inner Elemental Planes are never wholly original, but I tried to put a little spin on them. Finally done with the mechanics for a while, prepare for a metric ton of fluff!

12/10/09: We gotta cosmology, folks. Now in technicolor!!!

12/09/09: Yay for spontaneous secret posts! I'll put up the updater on the 'morrow. Bagaudae is done.

12/03/09: Archiater's done! Huzzah!

10/30/09: Weapons are done! Be sure to check out Crow-of-the-Abyss' DeviantART page 'cause he's awesome.

10/13/09: Dear's's finally done! I'm so happy I could cry! But seriously, the recondite took for-freakin-ever. Hope it impresses >>

10/07/09: Well. This is a first. I've got everything done to continue, but can't 'cause of outside elements. Long story short: it involves art and PayPal. However! Things have been re-vamped recently, and I'm prolly gonna get up a big news post soon.

9/05/09: Crush you foes from beneath the feet of your mech suit!!! (I'm very pleased with the machinist; I hope you guys are too!)

9/05/09: Snazzy new Prestige Class, interesting. Also, don't forget to check out the symbol and engineer. They've undergone some modifications after a bit more playtesting. Shiny!

And the cartomancer is gone. Sorry :-(

8/28/09: Shhh! Yes, I'm secretly updating. Don't tell anyone ;)

8/07/09: Edificer is d-o-n-e done! Hopefully, this will give core paladins another option other than...blackguard >:p

7/29/09: Hopefully Fax won't smite me for squishing his baby into a 10-level Prestige Class, but I loved too much to keep it out! Oh, and hey, I'm sick of looking at that old hideous map. I'll be working on a new one, with a better map program, assuming I can get one for cheaps.

7/27/09: I swear, half of the stupid work is thinking up those rhymes I insist on doing. Regardless, I have a table (hopefully not full of errors) and 1 new PrC for you guys. Hope you like it!

7/15/09: If I never see a rhyme again, I think I'll have my way. PrC's will be up soon, at least before Sunday.

7/10/09: In the name of Pelor's spectacles that took forever ._.
Doesn't matter now, though! Feats are done! Be sure to tell me what you think ^^ (as well as to poing out the innumerable mistakes that are inevitably in there).

6/26/09: After a lot of flip-flopping on the ideas, I decided to stick with my original idea and change the skills to Fax's fantastic formula. Apparently, alliteration is the appropiate theme tonight.

6/22/09: Working on Epic-Level Symbol and Engineers, ho-humm. I decided against Epic Vocations, but I might make some feats. Next, we've got Skills! Re-writes by Fax of pre-existing skills and the new skill, Cartomancy!

Read the fates with the power of your cards!

6/20/09: Engineer is posted. I honestly think I got too much attention for it when I originally posted it ;;>.>

Hey, give the people what they want, I suppose. And a always, feel 105% free to drop in with any opinions or critique that you have. I couldn't have gotten this far withought it ^^

6/18/09: I hadn't originally intended to include psionic classes, but I have recently fallen in love with the system, and I just couldn't get myself to leave them out. However, if psionics ain't your bag, it's real easy to run a game without them. Hey, I've even included non-psionic traits for the bornura! So go nuts ;)

6/17/09: Trust me, I wasn't trying to bump up the page, my html stopped formatting for some reason ._.

Don't worry, I'll post up Humans to make up for it ;)

6/16/09: Ya' know what's freakin' hard? Finding a picture of a halfling. Blarghgomahargnhagarta.

6/14/09: Ah, started the project anew! Smell them fresh home-brewing fumes*! Mmm-mmm!

*Not responsible for brain damage caused by home-brewing fumes*

4/22/09: Yup, everything's finally converted into a .pdf and striken from the boards. For the record, I consider this the discussion thread, 'cause I got a whole lot of feedback when the project was in its early stages. The next home for Lords of Avramir will take place in a different post, but will, of course, still be open for discussion.

4/19/09: I'm finally taking out a copyright on Lords of Avramir, and the entire project will be down until completion in June 2009. The actual posting of the material, however, may be slightly later in coming. Thank you for your patiense.

4/15/09: Races have been completely re-worked. Pantheons are next, now with all 9 alignments represented equally amongst them. Sadly, it'll be a while before I can get the rest of the symbols from the amazing Ekunshiel.

4/13/09: Bwahahahahahaaaa! I strike from the shadows, editing the garbled up masses of my work under the fiendish cloak of nightfall!

Anyway, races are done 'cept for a few parts in trog and hume sections. The half-races will be completed once Fax gets off his lazy rump to write the rest of the d20r racial traits ;)

Those new pantheons pictures look so nice I want to invite them to dinner.

4/11/09: My word! This editing is taking far longer than I would have liked ;-;

I doubt anyone even checks this anymore >.>
However, the work is necessary, and it must be done. Everything looks so much snazzier now, I can hardly complain.

2/26/09: Before you start freaking out and running for the door, relax; we are programmed to receive. Some big changes will be happening soon; I'm gonnan be working with Fax fo update this setting for his amazing d20 Rebirth project, and that means making everything up to snuff with OGL compliance, and the d20r rules set. Unfortunatly, this means changing the name of the setting, but meh, Lords of Avramir still has a good ring to it ;)

2/24/09: Frostknell's up, and it' my favorite nation so far (and by far)! It takes a while for the ideas to start flowing for entire countries, so Korr will be up when it's good and ready. Thanks to everyone for their patience and support.

2/08/09: By the way, I'm a huge liar ;) Expect Frostknell later this week.

2/07/09: Now that the writer's block is gone, I have stuff done, but between the forum and my internet connection....well, let's just say it tooke me 10 minutes to get this update and the last post working -_-

PDF is coming along excellently, and I have enough done to start posting regularly once the forum starts running a little smoother.

01/25/09: Well, here is my absolute least favorite part when reading a campaign setting: When the creator complains that he/she won't be doing much work for a while. Even though I hate posting this, the folks who follow this deserve to know that the project has not died. It will get done. It will just be a while. I'd like to thank everyone for their patience, time, and encouragement.

01/09/09: I was ashamed for missing my quota, but I figured it better to wait until I got some more awesome ideas for Dungar, rather than put up some half-baked concepts. Yup, longest delay yet. I won't be making a habit of this, though, because now that my group isn't meeting for 6 months, I'll have plenty of free time p:

12/20/08: Put up Torram, finishing up the Count's Peace. Also tightened up some of the extraplanar monster encounters, although they will need some more work before I can call it finished. And, crud, did I promise to have Dungar done before Christmas? WELL! That'll give me a good 5 days, I suppose. EXPECT IT THEN!!!

12/10/08: Oopsie, got so far ahead of myself that I forgot to update the news page! Anyway, Masone is finished, and so is my commission for a racial lineup /Glee

12/02/08: Gotten a good idea about the Spirit-Touched houses; changing the name (Spiritborn, a name I'm shocked hasn't been used yet), including actual mechanics, and altering the timeline accordingly. I doubt it will be a huge problem, since the whole thing never really played much into the story.

11/26/08: Busy, busy day! Completed Lyndor as well as the first official Lords of Mechanus supplement! Guess I'm going to have start calling stuff LoM. Tehee, lom.

11/12/08: Grr, I just realized that the next nation is the Count's Peace, not Dungar (C before D and all that), which means that despite Dungar being ready to post up tomorrow, I'll have to prolong things because the Count's Peace includes 3 individual nations (Lyndor, Masone, and Torram).

Don't be confused by the delay; I'll keep updating the setting 'till I think I can adequately call it "finished," but I now need to focus my energies towards my group's campaign, since we'll actually be able to meet. That and I'll be out of commission for the first week of December....

Anyway! I WILL have at least have the Count's Peace and Dungar completed before Christmas.

11/08/08: Glad I got that goofiness out of my system p:
I've been looking forward to working with Dungar, the next entry in the Life in the World section, and it's more complete than most. Expect it to take less than a week this time.

10/28/08: Muahahaha! The work in the Life in the World section begins at last! If you thought I wasn't insane enough to post this much completion...well, you're wrong there, Skipper.

10/26/08: I'm pretty sure flip-flops are okay when DMing/creating a campaign setting. As long as you remain consistent.....Wait, that doesn't make any sense.... Anyway, the Spirittouched Houses are up; with minimal Keith Bakerisms!

10/22/08: Okay, the planes and order of the universe is pretty much completed. Next up is the Spirittouched Houses as I continue my blantant ripping off of Eberron!

10/16/08: Neat, I just finished two planes between classes at campus without any notes. The SRD is seriously one of the most greatest things ever. With luck, the last three outer planes (Mechanus, Pandemonium, Queniss) will be up by tonight. Be sure to tell me if you like the pictures/flavour.

10/15/08: Yay! I lessened my school/work load. Now to actually focus on important things. Need to finish up the Outer Planes + Encounters, and tie up some loose ends.

9/28/08: Ooooogh. I just made 36 Bitmap deitific symbols. On to the Adventurer's Guide!!!

9/27/08: Okay, I lied. I'm doing updates after all p:
About the deities; only Harthoul, Khorunda, and Rundraun were created by me. The Webspinner was created by blackspeeker. The rest are from various sources from the Playground, the authors of whom will be compiled together in the credits page near the end of the project.
I really don't like taking things from other people's campaigns, but I had permission for quite a few of them, and I hate making deities even more. So there.
BTW, there's an easter egg in the pantheons section. See if you can find it ;)

9/23/08: Don't expect any major updates for a bit, I'm going back in to tie up some loose ends, particularly in the Adventuring Equipment section. I'm really just stalling, because almost no work has been done on the Taneli Pantheon (although the Myraesal Pantheon is done, so expect that to be up in the near future).

9/20/08: See? Told ya' I'd be back. Started on the Magic section, and right off with Faiths and Pantheons. This part isn't really my thing, so a large majority of the deities were taken off of the Playground at some point or another. I'll try to cobble up the Credits page as soon as I can. It'll probably be the only out-of-order post, but it's certainly necessary. I have 24 of the symbols done already, and have about 12-16 more, depending on which ones I plan to use. Yes. They're MS Paint. 'Cause I can't draw. Sorry. They do look rather good on LEGO shields, though (;
Oh! And Holy Crap, I've been posting the project for over a month already! I hope I'm not being overly-exhaustive here. In fact, after I trim up the pantheons, mah next goal is to start (and finish) the Adventurer's Guide.

9/13/08: Re-vamped the map of Dolsaren; now with color! And real political boundaries! Of the joys of glories of joys! Oh, and if updates get a little scant over the next week or so; I haven't forsaken the project. Any delays will actually be caused from me working on the project, since the next section is not really...readable enough at the moment.

9/12/08: Hehe, added section dedicated to miniatures of all core races and new races. And they're LEGOs. It's a win-win, really. Oh, and hey, if anyone actually reads the logs, even though this is really more of an excuse for me to get up off my rear and actually finish this project, I love seeing posts and having people comment and critique my work. I really appreciate all the comments so far (:

9/09/08: Equipment is started, mostly. That's right, cans of mace and powerpoles.

9/08/08: H'okay, just started up the weapons entry complete with snazzy picture made of free Wizards images spliced together (making use of advanced technology like IrfanView and MS Paint). The gnome-worked weapon will be on that page too; I just need to make sure it isn't unbalanced, as the premise could prove to be a bit....abusable.

9/05/08: Well, Orcish entry is complete. And I added a semi-yet-still-cool-yet-not-too-overpowering ability to the soulstitched at the suggestion of blackspeeker (I imagine he'll find it to come in handy). Next section would be magic, but I'm tenative as to how many of the new spells that I'm willing to put up there. Most likely, I'll include credits, since making spells is NOT my thing (nor do I believe it necessary, as there are already waaay too many spells out there).

9/02/08: Gaak, got those feats entered in right. I've gone far enough ahead; I'll get off my butt and finish up those "Day in the Life" segments before I go any further.
(And still no halfling or half-elf pictures. Grr.)

8/31/08: Halfling and Half-elf entries done. I do wish I could get some feedback, but I'm gonna keep posting stuff anyway. Not going to do a human "Day in the life" as everyone knows how to role-play a human.
Found a kick-awesome picture for the base class, the symbol, but I'm still runnning dry on images for the halflings and half-elves. Oh well.

8/26/08: Gnomes is done too. Half-elves next. FWI, the next section is gonna detail feats, classes, class features and the like. I found an interesting take on racial feats, and it seems to have gone over well with the group.
(Just for the record, the gnomish entry in "A Day in the Life" was from one of the party's more epic adventures. No facial hair is safe from Patchy the Beard Baron!!!)

8/25/08: Woo! Finished all the racial entries, all right!
Now my next effort will be to finish the "Day in the Life" segments. One thing that the PHB really needed to do was give folks more of an idea of what playing a certain race would be like. The bornura and soulstitched have the longest ones, 'cause they're new races, and lack stereotypes like Dwarves (Snow White) and Elves (Keebler).

Pics are coming....eventually. (I have to wait until I get permission from each artist to use the drawings).


Races of the Planes:

Diatosian: Channelers of planar emotion.
Inomilous: Beings of constant chaos and change.
Nwermareen: Nightfires who walk in the darkness.
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Re: [Setting, Extension] The Lords of Avramir

Postby NekoIncardine » Mon Jan 24, 2011 3:57 pm


Introduction and Work Notes

The World of Olaesys
Common Races


* Bornura
* Dwarves
* Elves
* Gnomes
* Half-Elves (Alrendír)
* Half-Orcs (Orküst)
* Halflings
* Humans
* Soulstitched

# Character Classes

* New Class: Engineer
* New Class: Symbol
* Epic Class Progressions

# Equipment
# Skills
# Feats

* Investing Feats
* Racial Feats
* Style Feats

# Prestige Classes

* Archiater
* Axiom Mage
* Bagaudae
* Edificer
* Haruspex
* Machinist
* Recondite

# Cosmology

* Inner Planes
* Outer Planes
o Avramir
o Crolodi
o Darshran
o Gyzatt
o Laranya
o Mul'Darch
o Nhosurum

What other d20r Races should be added to the Common/Wild lists?
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Re: [Setting, Extension] The Lords of Avramir

Postby NekoIncardine » Mon Jan 24, 2011 4:01 pm

The World of Olaesys
I traveled forth ‘cross burning sands,
To eastern Avramiran lands,
From whence I heard the war cries sung,
In rugged, whispering halfling tongue.

I swam the banks of Eversheen,
And bowed before the Dwarven Queen,
I flew from elemental lords,
And slew the aberration hordes.

I jumped the crags of ruin past,
Where gnomes make dreams forever last,
I danced with elves in forest glades,
And battled trolls with orcish blades.

I tunneled through the realm of rats,
And boiled in kobold acid vats,
I fled to towers of decay,
Enchanted by the forest fey.

I took from goblins nightmare’s bane,
That drive men’s minds to go insane,
I wandered through the hilly moors,
And brawled with gnolls at river shores.

I thus returned to human’s throne,
Where arcane geysers steam and moan,
To tell my lords my hard-earned lore,
But found them lost forevermore.

-Excerpt from “The Odyssey of Seig”

The Lords of Avramir Campaign Setting takes place in the world of Olaesys, a rough Elven translation for “the world above.” Olaesys is a world of magic, as both arcane and divine energies permeate living creatures and the very earth itself. Magic is advancement as siege golems march across battle fields and airships the size of castles patrol the boundaries of nations; it is the young industry of magic that serves as the spark for innovation and invention.

Olaesys encompasses two worlds, both the Overrealm above ground and the Underdeep below. Races of each united after a disaster shook the foundation of the earth, shattering the barrier that divided the two realms. This Great Cataclysm destroyed the ancient empire of the giants as well as splintered the landmasses of Olaesys, resulting in mass migrations to the only continent largely untouched by the destruction: the land known as Dolsaren.

As the races of elves and gnomes formed small kingdoms throughout the land, the societies of dwarves, humans, and goblinoids stagnated while the orcs and halflings native to the continent observed these newcomers with wary interest. The elves fled to Dolsaren after their homeland, the island forest of Eldor, sank below the sea, forcing the elven people to form communities in this foreign land. Likewise, the humans migrated from the east, escaping the slavery and oppression of the weakening giant empire but then declined into a basic feudal system. Both the dwarves and goblinoids had emerged from Underdeep following the Great Cataclysm, leaving the dwarves in a primitive state of barbarianism, and the goblins stuck in the past glory of their once powerful kingdom below the earth. However, the gnomes and halflings independently sought to serve as mediators between these misplaced races in order to forward their own interests.

Everything changed when a powerful group of humans known as the Lords of Avramir employed their mastery of the arcane arts to unite the human race into a single powerful nation. Decades of magical advancement allowed the races of Dolsaren to flourish until the Lords of Avramir fell to a series of internal uprisings and corruption which eventually drew the humans and their allies into the ruinous conflict lasting more than two centuries. Divided by war and through the calculating efforts of the Avramiran lords, the races of Dolsaren were split and categorized, seemingly at a whim, spawning deep-seated resentment that would last for decades.

During the latter years of this chaotic warfare, a human noble by the name of Count Blythe asserted his dominance over the human nations and ultimately put an end to the fighting by utilising massive military force against those who refused to comply. Two decades after the war, Dolsaren is in year 2,030 of the Common Era. The world is more integrated than ever, united through the Two Hundred Years war and the regime of the Lords of Avramir.

The World of Olaesys

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Re: [Setting, Extension] The Lords of Avramir

Postby NekoIncardine » Mon Jan 24, 2011 4:07 pm

Common Knowledge

Anything here is things that are assumed knowledge for pretty much any sentient being in Olaesys.

The Lords of Avramir were a powerful sect of humans with otherworldly powers, arcane mastery, and dominating charisma. Uniting the fledgling race of humans, they made many allies, and many more enemies, as their control stretched across the continent. After their reign fell, a cataclysmic war ensued, pushing the humans, once again, out of power. However, several Lords remain, often in hiding, and subtly influence the flow of society. Most notable is Count Blythe, who currently wields unrivaled control over the Myraesal region, and humanity as a whole.

The Two Hundred Years War is a thing of the past, yet its repercussions may still have an impact on many within the world. The conflict ended not one or two years past, but a generation ago by the reckoning of man. For the longer-lived races, and for seasoned warriors of younger beings, the war may still be fresh in their minds, however, the greenest adventurers have likely never seen the fighting first hand, and many aspire to equal the deeds of their parents and grandparents.

Races considered Common or Wild depending on their past allegiances to the Lords of Avramir. Tensions are often substantial amongst races that were put off as “Wild” simply for not allying themselves with a group of powerful humans. Additionally, Common, the human tongue, has become the standard throughout the continent due to of the advents of the Avramiran Lords. When adventuring in areas inhabited by the Wild races, adventurers would be best to remember that many do not speak the Common tongue, and those who do may simply refuse to do so out of a hatred for those who attempted to subjugate them.

Magic is Common but not Powerful. Olaesys is a lower-powered world, and beings who manage to reach Epic Levels are few and far between. Arcane and divine energies are used commonly among lesser mages, while some of the most powerful beings in Olaesys are infused with pure magical energies. To citizens of Dolsaren, magic is an oddity, but it is neither feared nor wholly ordinary.

Things are Better than Before and Olaesys is on an upturn. Dolsaren has recovered from the war, and the balance between powers is comfortable. However, there are many threats to this stability - powerful wizards, legendary monsters, and even entire new worlds forming around the known world. Olaesys is a world of dualities - stable kingdoms within a society of simmering chaos, fair woodlands among a field of decay, and a dark world just beneath the lands above all off-set each other in a tenuously stable equilibrium.
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Re: [Setting, Extension] The Lords of Avramir

Postby NekoIncardine » Mon Jan 24, 2011 4:13 pm

History of Olaesys

The History of Olaesys is generally sorted into four distinct eras over a period of ten million years - beginning with the creation of the world, the introduction of fey to the world, the end of the Great Cataclysm, and the rise of the Lords of Avramir.

Era of Beginnings

- ??? Mighty Spirit Normasu (Norathasiahsaserasomah) dreamed the multiverse, planting the sapling planar tree from the dreams.
-??? Kindred spirits Arthraka (Aurainglesiantada) and Kazinthos (Veranthariadura) establish their realms.
-10,000,000 The dreams of the gods form the four elemental planes, as well as the planes of Avramir, Gyzatt, Mul'Darch, and Nhosorum, giving life within the tree the ability to comprehend ethics and alignment.
-8,000,000 Rift to Qeuinss bathes Olaesys in positive energy, bringing forth drastic changes in living beings as the creatures of life adapt to new and different forms.
-5,500,000 Metallic dragons arise in Overrealm, and the chromatic dragons are spawned in Underdeep.
-2,000,000 Arrival of dinosaurs, the lesser dragons, in Overrealm.
-1,500,000 Common and monstrous races emerge in primitive states.
-1,200,000 The Giantkin create an empire connecting Ashtath.
-1,000,000 True dragons of all colors take on the task of protecting both worlds. The metallic dragons watched the Overrealm, and the chromatic dragons guarded Underdeep.
-900,000 Giant Empire covers all of Ashtath; first humans taken in as slaves.
-500,000 Rift to Darshran bathes the world in negative energy as a horrible plague awakens the first undead.
-350,000 Goblinoids factions join together, forming Der Mekul, the First Kingdom, in Underdeep.
-325,000 Green dragon Jennudaguam comes forth to guard Underdeep; Copper dragon Vulthatrotha answers the call to protect Overrealm.
-150,000 Rift to Qenuiss created, the positive energy causing heightened intelligence in the lesser races; Giant Empire spreads into archaic Dolsaren and Teiraesia.
-100,000 Rift to Laranya created as magical animals and fey released onto Olaesys, destabilizing the balance of nature for centuries to come.

Era of Ruin

-95,000 Arthraka and Kazinthos tasked to care for the increasing numbers of spirits.
-80,000 Giants encounter the first orcs in western Dolsaren and are pushed back by the frenzied intensity of the green warriors.
-75,000 Dwarven prisoners outcast to Overrealm.
-60,000 With chromatic dragon enemies defeated, power-mad Jennudaguam lays siege on the Dwarven nations of Underdeep.
-50,000 Rift to Crolodi created to house the dreams of mortals as nightmares escape to haunt the sleeping hours of the living.
-49,000 After millennia of warfare, dwarves completely eradicated in Underdeep; Jennudaguam turns his attention to the Drow.
-45,000 Animosity from the constant warring causes spirits to turn into demons and devils instead of angels and archons. Arthraka’s realm split in two.
-37,000 Halflings of Yaneli push giant empire back into Ashtath.
-30,000 True orcs and drow tricked into releasing demons and devils unto both worlds.
-25,000 Drow make last stand against goblinoids and the unholy hordes of devils; Drow emerge on Eldor.
-18,000 Devils breach the border into Overrealm.
-15,000 Jennudaguam, ascended into nigh-godhood, attacks Normasu directly, but is finally killed in the battle; goblinoid realms fall to pieces.
-14,000 True orc empire destroyed by the unholy hordes.
-12,000 Giant empire, allied with the dragons, serves as bulwark against the unholy hordes; demons and devils root into continents of Gapet and Rabsool.
-8,000 Giant Empire begins to weaken from constant warfare; common and monstrous races struggle to survive.
-5,000 Desperate to end the demonic regime, Kazinthos severs the link between Overrealm and Underdeep, starting the Great Cataclysm. Kazinthos’ realm exposed to material plane; Kazinthos driven insane by destruction.
-4,900 Continents of Gapet and Rabsool annihilated as Olaesys split in two.
-3,000 Elven home of Eldor begins to sink beneath the waves; first elven migration to Dolsaren.
-2,700 True orc empire diminished as war raged against the true orcs and the elves; second elven migration; Council of the Eternal Witness created.
-2,000 The Great Rift created under center of orc empire; gnomes emerge quietly onto Dolsaren.
-1,000 Giant Empire falls as Ashtath is partially destroyed; humans move into Myraesal province in Dolsaren.

Era of Rebirth

0 A.R. Great Cataclysm finally comes to an end. No records of so-called “Blank Millenia” of year -1,000 remain intact.
1 A.R. Human feudal system replaced by royal bloodlines, as King Alvian reigns over the first human kingdom of Alviany.
7 A.R. Kobolds, led by the red dragon Zhanahín, attack gnomish realm of Thurin in decade-long conflict.
10 A.R. Alviany comes to the aid of the gnomes.
27 A.R. Orc Gorask Clans come into conflict with human nations.
55 A.R. King Alvian II takes up the throne.
108 A.R. Frostknell Dwarves begin first large-scale mining projects in the Norogh Peaks.
112 A.R. Queen Mellasia replaces Alvian II
135 A.R. Tarrasque appears within Thurin borders, leaving the gnomish nation in shambles.
167 A.R. Alvian III obtains Alvian throne.
170 A.R. Ruby Heart disappears from treasure vault in Frostknell, dwarves declare war on the elves; Blood War begins.
182 A.R. Elven city of Korensaj destroyed by dwarven invaders.
194 A.R. Alvian III dies under mysterious circumstances, Alvian War begins.
214 A.R. Elven general Lanarea mounts a successful campaign against the dwarves by marching over the great crag.
330 A.R. Alvian War ends, not due to a treaty, but due to the devastation of the human communities, the warring factions simply cannot continue.
345 A.R. Darenius “Giantslayer” Thunderbolg begins his reign over humanity.
416 A.R. Frostknell Dwarves breach the border into Kazinthos, releasing veritable armies of aberrations into the Norogh Peaks.
427 A.R. Gnome’s establish nation of Nourem.
438 A.R. Dwarven forces reach the outskirts of the Parsa forest and suddenly drawback; Blood War comes to a mysterious close.
534 A.R. Dwarven clans unite to push aberrations back into the Norogh Peaks; nation of Morander formed.
725 A.R. Elven druid Enialis takes over Alveri forest; gnomish city of Pai besieged by druidic sect.
762 A.R. Nation of Corrath founded.
816 A.R. Adventurers slay Queen Fralien d’Thunderbolg; humanity thrown into chaos and civil strife.
954 A.R. Human paladin Calan Varzeri leads pilgrimage to the “birthplace of humanity.”
1,000 A.R. Powerful human wizards calling themselves the Lords of Avramir appear out of nowhere and shortly spread their dominion to include all human lands.

Common Era

1,015 A.R. Lords of Avramir enhance the art of construct creation.
1,238 A.R. Nourem allies with Mechana, capitol of the human domain.
1,254 A.R. Hamlet of Trestin mysteriously vanishes.
1,437 A.R. Morander allies with Mechana; Crystal Heart formed.
1,610 A.R. Archmage Khylum arises to confront the Lords of Avramir; uprisings in several small human towns.
1,657 A.R. House Macht created.
1,706 A.R. United Nations of Underdeep (Korr) form diplomatic arrangements with Mechana.
1,775 A.R. Varzeran troops openly oppose and attack Mechana.
1,801 A.R. Tarrasque appears within Mechanan border; first soulstitched created.
1,805 A.R. Battle of Northwind; Reign of the Lords of Avramir ends violently, leading to the beginning of the Two Hundred Years war.
1,865 A.R. First airships created in small supply.
1,890 A.R. Enarem elves drawn into the fighting.
1,924 A.R. Battered gnomish forces withdraw from the war; standoff near Blackgate.
1,972 A.R. Mass religious prosecution in Varzeri.
2,012 A.R. Count Blythe imposes order over the continent of Dolsaren; Two Hundred Years war ended abruptly.
2,015 A.R. Nourem, Morander, and Corrath declared independent nations.
2,016 A.R. Nation of Varzeri resists Blythe’s rule.
2,018 A.R. Enarem, Zan Eldor, Taneli Fields, Frostknell, and Morander gain sovereignty.
2,020 A.R. King Son of Varzeri becomes first construct accepted into royalty.
2,025 A.R. The fanatical Purging Flame comes to power claiming eventual domination of Myraesal.
2,028 A.R. Madame Zakhira established political dominion over Ladrac.
2,030 A.R. Count Blythe announces the existence of an heir; the adventure begins!
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Re: [Setting, Extension] The Lords of Avramir

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Common Races
They hailed from lands of perfect law,
The kings of men who ruled our race,
They found us beings of magic blood,
Enraptured by their ideal grace.

Some were Common, some were Wild,
So said the Avramiran Lord,
They broke the links that bound us all,
And damned the ancients to the sword.

-Excerpt from “The Odyssey of Seig”

In Olaesys, race matters. One's place in the world often begins with their species, and it is a common fact that there are things that certain races are simply better at, or can do things that others can't. Some species have Inborn Psionic abilities, others carry Natural Magical talents, and still others simply have a Natural Talent for certain things. Further, races can develop these abilities into distinctive Feats all their own.

Races in Olaesys are loosely classified as Common or Wild, based on who they sided with during the rise of the Lords of Avarmir. This is a major source of racial tension, to say the least.

Common Races

The races of Dolsaren are largely migrants from other continents following the disastrous events of the Great Cataclysm. This patchwork tapestry of peoples is divided amongst the Common Races and the Wild Races, as classified by the Lords of Avarmir almost a millenium ago. Those widespread populations who became allies and servants of the Lords were included in their official censuses, becoming the Common men and women who served and ruled in their own various empires. For less cooperative beings, however, the title Wild Race was given for refusal to enlist in the armies of the Avramiran Lords. Although less stratified than they once were, the traditional separations among Common and Wild still exist, and are felt throughout the world.

The Common Races:
  • Bornura: Peaceful beings, bonded with crystals worth more than gold.
  • Dwarves: Stalwart, somber beings with great battle prowess. Experts at mining and stonecunning.
  • Elves: Careful, elegant beings at one with nature.
  • Gnomes: Knowledgeable, inquisitive creatures adept at craft and alchemy.
  • Half-Elves (Alrendír): Charming and charismatic beings born of two races with a knack for adventuring.
  • Half-Orcs (Orküst): Often short-tempered and sullen, yet proud and enthusiastic warriors.
  • Halflings: Tough, clever, and capable opportunists. Very friendly and quick to learn new things.
  • Humans: Fast-paced, short-lived beings with a diverse culture. Often a jack of all trades.
  • Soulstitched: Charismatic sentient constructs consisting of human body parts sewn together.

Aging on the Common Races:
RaceAdulthoodMiddle Age1Old Age2Venerable3Maximum Lifespan
Bornura25 years60 years90 years120 years+2d10 years
Dwarves40 years125 years200 years250 years+2d100 years
Elves50 years175 years300 years425 years+3d% years
Gnomes35 years100 years150 years200 years+3d% years
Half-Elves (Alrendír)20 years60 years95 years125 years+3d20 years
Half-Orcs (Orküst)15 years30 years45 years60 years+2d12 years
Halflings30 years55 years80 years100 years+5d20 years
Humans15 years40 years65 years80 years+2d20 years
Soulstitched4-20 years35 years50 years-

1 At middle age, -1 to Str, Con, and Dex; +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.
2 At old age, -2 to Str, Con, and Dex; +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.
3 At venerable age, -3 to Str, Con, and Dex; +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.
4 Soulstitched do not technically age, so they have no maximum age limit and are considered to be Adult upon creation. However, while soulstitched can technically live indefinitely, they inevitably succumb to physical deterioration. A soulstitched continues to experience the effects of aging, taking the effects of becoming Venerable every 50 years, until his Constitution score is reduced to 0 and they simply fall apart, destroyed. Many attempt to stave off the inevitable through magical means.

Random Height and Weight for the Common Races
Race/GenderBase HeightAdd to HeightBase WeightAdd to Weight
Bornura, Male4'10"+2d10"110 lb.x (2d4) lb.
Bornura, Female4'6"+2d10"80 lb.x (2d4) lb.
Dwarf, Male3'9"+2d4"130 lb.x (2d6) lb.
Dwarf, Female3'7"+2d4"100 lb.x (2d6) lb.
Elf, Male4'5"+2d6"85 lb.x (1d6) lb.
Elf, Female4'5"+2d6"80 lb.x (1d6) lb.
Gnome, Male3'0"+2d4"40 lb.x 1 lb.
Gnome, Female2'10"+2d4"35 lb.x 1 lb.
Half-Elf (Alrendír), Male4'7"+2d8"100 lb.x (2d4) lb.
Half-Elf (Alrendír), Female4'5"+2d8"80 lb.x (2d4) lb.
Half-Orc (Orküst), Male4'12"+2d12"150 lb.x (2d6) lb.
Half-Orc (Orküst), Female4'8"+2d12"110 lb.x (2d6) lb.
Halfling, Male2'8"+2d4"30 lb.x 1 lb.
Halfling, Female2'6"+2d4"25 lb.x 1 lb.
Human, Male4'10"+2d10"120 lb.x (2d4) lb.
Human, Female4'8"+2d10"85 lb.x (2d4) lb.
Soulstitched, Male1----
Soulstitched, Female1----

1. Soulstitched often have disproportionate figures, their anatomy too widely varied to simply roll.
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