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Differences between here and GitP - on the technical side

PostPosted: Sat Oct 30, 2010 9:50 am
by DragoonWraith
This post is primarily aimed at homebrewers who are porting content from the Giant in the Playground forum to this forum. For the most part, you can simply copy and paste material from there to here, but there are some minor discrepancies, listed below:

  1. Our quotes work differently - copied and pasted Quote tags will not work
  2. Our threads/posts work differently - copied and pasted thread and post tags will not work
  3. Our spoilers cannot be nested - I'm not exactly sure why.
  4. Our spoilers support titles, which is kinda neat.
  5. All tags that take a value ([tag=something]) cannot have quotes around them, while on GitP they can (and in some cases the toolbar uses them automatically). This is a security measure, so it will have to stay.
  6. Our tables do not have the sorting mechanism
  7. Our tables support a great deal more customization between the {rowsp} and {style} tags
  8. Our tables can have headers on rows other than the first using {head}
  9. There's an automated wizard to create tables of various sizes, including automated creation of class tables.
  10. Our br and hr tags don't break every time you edit a post
  11. Our size tags use percentages instead of a 1-5 range. size=100 is normal size, size=50 is half size, size=200 is double size. size=5, which is the biggest font that GitP supports, is only 5% of the normal font-size, and therefore tiny. size tags will need to be changed when porting.
  12. We have the tabs tag, which is awesome. There are plenty of other neat tags available - play with the toolbar if you're interested.

Re: Differences between here and GitP - on the technical sid

PostPosted: Thu Nov 04, 2010 8:50 pm
by DragoonWraith
How to Create Tables
Primarily, tables are created the same as on GitP: [table][/table] tags, with vertical bars ( | ) separating cells and new lines indicating the next row:
Code: Select all
[table]Cell 1, 1 | Cell 1, 2
Cell 2, 1 | Cell 2, 2[/table]

Cell 1, 1Cell 1, 2
Cell 2, 1Cell 2, 2

You can use [table=head][/table] to include a header bar, just like at GitP:
Code: Select all
[table=head]Header 1 | Header 2
Cell 1, 1 | Cell 1, 2
Cell 2, 1 | Cell 2, 2[/table]

Header 1Header 2
Cell 1, 1Cell 1, 2
Cell 2, 1Cell 2, 2

Because new lines create a new row in the table, you cannot simply type a new line when you want to force one in a cell. To do that, we use the same [br] tag that GitP uses - but on GitP, this tag changes to <br>, which doesn't work, every time you edit or quote the post. Ours does not.
Code: Select all
[table]Cell 1, 1[br]Line 2 | Cell 1, 2
Cell 2, 1 | Cell 2, 2[/table]

Cell 1, 1
Line 2
Cell 1, 2
Cell 2, 1Cell 2, 2

GitP also supports a "hidden" tag - {colsp=#} - and we do too. This tag allows a cell to be "extra wide", merging into the cells after it:
Code: Select all
[table]{colsp=2} Wide Cell
Cell 2, 1 | Cell 2, 2[/table]

Wide Cell
Cell 2, 1Cell 2, 2
It's important to remember that you cannot have any space between the | and the { (or between the beginning of the line and the {), or the tag will be ignored. You can use {col=#} or even {c=#} as abbreviations, if you like.

Unlike GitP, we also support {rowsp=#}, which can make "extra tall" cells:
Code: Select all
[table]Cell 1, 1 |{rowsp=2} Tall Cell
Cell 2, 1[/table]

Cell 1, 1Tall Cell
Cell 2, 1
You can also use {row=#} or {r=#} as short-hand; they do the same thing.

You can use {colsp=#} and {rowsp=#} on the same cell, if you wish - you must include both in separate curly brackets, and you can't include any spaces:
Code: Select all
[table]{c=2}{r=2} Big Cell | Cell 1, 3
Cell 2, 3
Cell 3, 1 | Cell 3, 2 | Cell 3, 3[/table]

Big CellCell 1, 3
Cell 2, 3
Cell 3, 1Cell 3, 2Cell 3, 3
This example uses the abbreviations described above.

In addition to these, you can use {head} to make any cell into a "header" cell (i.e. centered, bolded, different background color), and you can also use {style=CSS styling} to completely change the style of a cell. You can also use [table=CSS styling] to apply styling to the entire table. Finally, it can help to put blank lines between rows - these will be ignored, but it is easier to read. Each of these is used below:
Code: Select all
[table=border: 3px dashed red;]{head}{r=2} Level |{head}{r=2} BAB |{head}{r=2} Fort |{head}{r=2} Ref |{head}{r=2} Will |{head}{r=2} Special |{head}{c=4} Spellcasting

{head} 1st |{head} 2nd |{head} 3rd |{head} 4th

{c=10}{style=text-align: center;} ...

10th | +10/+5 | +7 | +3 | +3 |{style=background-color: red;} Smite evil 3/day | 1 | 1 | — | —[/table]

10th+10/+5+7+3+3Smite evil 3/day11

Finally, try using the Image button - it has an automated table creation tool that will greatly ease the creation of tables. The generated tables can even be used on GitP!