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Project space for Peacenlove's Complete Shadow project for Pathfinder.

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Postby Peacenlove » Thu Jan 20, 2011 9:16 am

What is this project anyway?
This is a work in progress. No, the material that lie in this sub forum is complete and you can comment to it at any time. Or you can use it as it is in your games. However for me this project will never feel finished, since it is a collaborative work of my gaming group. As long as we keep playing this will keep expanding with new monsters, feats and so on.

Long history spoilered
This is yet another try to improve the Shadowcaster. The goal of this work is to provide a class that is a caster equally as strong and fun to play as the sorcerer, but with different play-styles. While the sorcerer has magic in the blood, choosing freely his spells, the shadowcaster must follow the paths of shadow, and burn them in his mind. But while the magic of the sorcerer is predictable, a shadowcaster's mysteries should be more alien and effective. In effect he trades versatility with sheer capability and better passive defenses (supernatural abilities, more HP/better saves, actual class abilities etc).
While i have tested Mousferatou's unofficially unofficial fixes, and they do improve the shadowcaster, I was not satisfied. The class felt like a powered down sorcerer, yet another spontaneous caster in all but name, with less tricks known, and more important, less official support.
Then the Project Shadow had shown up in the GitP forums, and after that in the WotC forums. We have incorporated them into our games for nearly 3 years, playing shadowcasters from level 4 to 15, fighting giants and shades and generally having a blast within the gloom world of the Plane of the dead, amongst other locales.

For all its flaws and weaknesses, the shadowcaster as presented, has given me a good time, especially with the added material. However my group found out its glaring weaknesses. My GM then in particular wondered why I created a shadowcaster (I am the optimizer of the group since I am a DM for 10+ years, almost always playing wizards), and suggested to me what would be the first set of fixes. More known mysteries, more options and more class abilities. Also he was the first to evaluate all of RoC's material (especially Path Mastery feats)

I decided (and I am very glad that I did it) to build upon an existing project rather than create something from scratch. Thus the transformation of RoC's Path Mastery feats into class abilities, with some tweaking of course.

Short story: This is a shadowcaster rebuild that stays as close as possible to the original (and after 3 years of playing with it, also some revisions from then), strengthening its base class power, while remaining compatible with material you already use (or should use :mrgreen: ). Updated to the Pathfinder rule system, that my group uses from its beta incarnation.
This is also a place where I, as a DM will keep my campaign material (Celestial shadows, ongoing campaign) here for ease of reference, and as a backup (you never can be sure).
Lastly this is a unofficial continuation (or complement or tribute if you prefer) of the Descent of shadows project, whose material has served our gaming group for so long.

This forum will host the most updated version and material but from time to time i will update the threads in the GitP forum as well.
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Re: Introduction

Postby Peacenlove » Thu Jan 20, 2011 4:20 pm

NEW!: Topics locked, if you have comments/critique or want to propose additions to my homebrew, I still check this forum for PM's. Also my work can be downloaded in PDF via request, with bonus material :mrgreen:

Useful links

Descent of Shadows from Realms of Chaos

DONE: Imported my work from GitP forum as well as 95% of my project in general
TO DO: Minor fixes and edits.

Special thanks:
Fax celestis, DragoonWraith for granting me valuable space in this forum.
Many thanks to Realms of Chaos, his work are a real inspiration for me.
Also many thanks to my gaming group for enduring my vile experiments, and for letting me test this material as both a player and a Dungeon Master 8-) .
Special Thanks to CaBaal, Cieyrin, DragoonWraith and Arguskos for examining my material.
Honorable mention: Isfreak, for letting me complement his work with Path Masteries.
For play with the Pathfinder RPG edition rules set.
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