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Shadowcaster Epic Destiny

Project space for Peacenlove's Complete Shadow project for Pathfinder.

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Shadowcaster Epic Destiny

Postby Peacenlove » Thu Jan 20, 2011 9:48 am

This article has a related thread on the Giant in the Playground forums that may contain more up-to-date information than what is provided here.

Just homebrewed an epic destiny that i wanted to share.


21stVision of Shadow
24thMantle of Shadow
27thBody of Shadow
30thMind of Shadow

At the beginning there was darkness and darkness shall remain in the end. Mortality is just a restricting shell you already left behind. By walking on the myriad paths to shadow, your mind, body and even your very soul shall be empowered by the limitless power of the night, transformed into something eternal.

Requirements: Shadowcaster 21st level

21st Level: Vision of Shadow (Su): You gain telepathy out to 100 feet and the Mindsight feat (Found in Lords of Madness).

In addition your Umbral Sight class ability extends to the range of your normal vision, you gain blindsight 60 feet (or your existing blindsight improves by 60 feet) and a bonus to perception checks equal to your Shadowcaster level.

24th Level: Mantle of Shadow (Su): Your death threshold becomes equal to half your total Hit Points and you can take a standard action each round while at negative hit points. Use your Charisma instead of your Constitution modifier to determine bonus hit points.

Mysteries you cast with a personal range cannot be dispelled except for by epic spells, artifacts, spells cast by other Shadowcasters with this ability, and deities.

27th Level: Body of Shadow (Su): You become incorporeal on the material plane. You can suppress or resume this ability as an immediate action.

You can also use Greater Plane Shift (in Spell Compendium) without the need of a focus as a swift action at will but only to travel from or into the plane of shadow.

30th Level: Mind of Shadow (Su): Your Mysteries gain an extra use per day and you cannot be deprived of your senses either by mundane or magical means.

In addition you can use your metashadow feats one additional time per day.
Lastly add your Charisma modifier as an insight bonus to any save, skill or ability check.

Immortality: Memories of your past living self are the only thing that keeps you from being fully absorbed by the dark plane, but they slowly fade away. You finally master the true shadow of power ... or have you become a slave, a mighty tool of the plane’s alien sentience? One thing is for sure: When the mighty gods die, when the brightest suns eclipse and when the last fragment of mortality withers, you will be there, and prevail.
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