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Tenembrous Cabal Affiliation

Project space for Peacenlove's Complete Shadow project for Pathfinder.

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Tenembrous Cabal Affiliation

Postby Peacenlove » Thu Jan 20, 2011 3:41 pm


For Details for this organization see Tome of Magic page 170

Scale: 18 (Plane of Shadow)

Positive Criteria:

Every Character level : + ½ per level
Can cast Illusion (Shadow) spells or mystery user: + ½
Can cast Illusion (Shadow) spells or mystery user (3rd level or greater spells/mysteries): + ½
Can cast Illusion (Shadow) spells or mystery user (6th level or greater spells/mysteries): + 1
Has 5 ranks in Spell craft: + ½
Has 10 ranks in Spell craft: + ½
Completes a mission assigned by the affiliation: + ½
Recruits a new member in the affiliation (once per month): + ½
Defeats a violent enemy of the affiliation in combat (CR must be greater of the character's level): + 1/16 of the creature's CR (minimum ½ )
Razes a stronghold of one of the affiliation's enemies: +2
Negative Criteria:

Known to be friendly with opposing affiliation or/and misuses shadow magic openly:
-2 to -20
Lacks ability to cast fundamentals or Illusion (Shadow) spells: -10
Lacks ranks in Spell craft: -3
Has spent less than a month each year to fulfill duties in the Bleak Academy: -4
Fails a mission given by the affiliation: -1

Affiliation Score and Benefits:

0-3: Not affiliated
The affiliation blocks access to its facilities altogether and isn't even considering recruiting you.

4-9: Student
You are a junior member of the Tenebrous Cabal and can advance normally in the ranks.

10-15: Graduate of the Bleak Academy
You can use the extensive libraries of the Bleak Academy. You gain a +3 bonus on Knowledge (arcana) and (planes) while there.

16-21: Tutor of the Bleak Academy
You can share knowledge with other graduates. Once per month you may trade spell books with another member if a prepared caster or you can retrain a mystery or spell if a mystery caster or spontaneous caster.

22-29: Seeker of the Enigmas
You can use equipment in order to help you with your studies. While crafting any items in the Bleak academy, you do so with a 10% discount on cost and time.

30+: Member of the Parliament of Shadows
Once per month you can borrow a magic item of up to 30.000 GP in value for 5 days. The guild's capital is decreased by 1 for that time.
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