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What I'm Working On

For Draz's rebuild of 3.5 D&D.

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What I'm Working On

Postby Draz » Sun Jan 30, 2011 12:00 pm

In general, I am trying not to spend too much time on CRE8 right now, due to a need to focus hard on school in RL. This fall, my schedule will hopefully become quite a bit more flexible. Hopefully I can get some good feedback on this forum even though spectators will have to be agonizingly patient with my slow progress.

Immediate To-Do List for CRE8

  1. Stat out monsters for use in playtests.
  2. Playtest lots of battles. Adjust rules according to playtest results. Write up playtests for public viewing.
  3. Write up more Kits, Feats, and Talents. Put them up for public viewing.

More Distant To-Do List

  1. Write up system rules in a more complete form to put on the Forum.
  2. Tackle the equipment list. Particularly the rules for weapon proficiencies and the weapons list.
  3. Stat out a lot more magic items.
  4. Expand spell descriptions with a lot more Seed and Augment options.
  5. Probably loads more.
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Re: What I'm Working On

Postby Draz » Tue Aug 16, 2011 9:39 am

August 16, 2011: an update of this rather out-of-date post.
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