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How to Make a Character in CRE8

For Draz's rebuild of 3.5 D&D.

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How to Make a Character in CRE8

Postby Draz » Wed Feb 02, 2011 11:28 pm

How to make a CRE8 character:

1. Heroic Bonus
Half your character level is your Heroic Bonus (max: +4). Add this amount to your Fighting Level (base: zero), your Caster Level (base: zero), your Coast Number (base: six), and your base Fortitude, Reflex, Willpower, and Defense saves (base: +0).

2. Pick Good Save
  • "Tough Hero": base Fortitude +2
  • "Quick Hero": base Reflex +2
  • "Canny Hero": base Willpower +2

3. Skills
Train two skills. (You gain two free ranks in each Trained skill.)
Assign additional skill ranks equal to (5 * character level, max: 40). The most ranks you can have in any particular skill is equal to your level (max: 8), or your level +2 (max: 10) for a Trained skill.

4. Character Features
Your character may select the following special abilities: (Note: the rate of acquisition of special abilities is still a work in process, and I am likely to tweak it.)
  • Kits: gain two Kits at Level 1, and one Kit each at levels 3, 5, 7, and 9.
  • Feats: gain one Feat at each level (up to Level 8).
  • Talents: gain one Talent at each level, even after Level 8. After Level 8, you may select [epic]-keyword Talents. Gain an additional two Talents at Level 1, which must be [proficiency] or [skill trick] Talents. If you wish to take any [flaw] Talents, the first one is free and earns you an additional Talent of your choice.

You may select your Kits, Feats, and Talents in any order at Level 1. At higher levels, you must take them in the order listed (Kits, then Feats, then Talents).

(Note: I'll write up and post a thread soon explaining the basics of Kits, Feats, and Talents, and the differences between the three categories.)

5. Equipment
Select magic items equal to what you can Attune. Purchase mundane equipment with a starting Wealth score equal to your level (max: +8).
The DM should be especially involved in this stage of character creation, and should feel extra-free to rule that you have fewer magic items than this standard, or more or less mundane property or Wealth.

I haven't touched Encumbrance rules yet. I figure it's not a top priority.

6. Calculated Statistics
Speed: 6
Armor Value (AV): 2
Reserve Points: 4
Vitality Points (VP): 5 + base Fortitude modifier + (2 * character level, max: 16).
Awesome Check modifier: character level +4
Spellcraft Check modifier: equal to Caster Level
Magic Points (MP): equal to Caster Level
Synergy bonuses: If you have at least three ranks in a Skill, you may be eligible to earn Synergy Bonuses to something else on your character sheet due to those Skill ranks. By default, you may gain Brawn-based Synergy Bonuses to your weapon attack Impact and your Armor Value. Most other Synergy bonuses must be unlocked by Kits or Talents.
Anything Else from your Kits, Feats, Talents, or Items; in particular,
  • many Kits add to your Fighting Level, Caster Level, Coast Number, or Vitality Points
  • some Kits give you bonus Talents with certain keywords
  • if you wield a shield, add its bonus to your Defense Save
  • if you wear armor, add its bonus to your Armor Value
  • if you wear armor (especially nonproficiently) or carry enough equipment to be encumbered, apply appropriate penalties to your Athletics, Dexterity, and Stealth skills, as well as your Speed.
Attacks: List the various attacks your character can make under "Combat Options." The base Accuracy of your attacks is equal to 10 + your Fighting Level. Apply Accuracy penalties for nonproficient weapons or for wearing armor nonproficiently.

That's it. I hope it's really pretty straightforward.
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