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Detailed Playtest Results!

For Draz's rebuild of 3.5 D&D.

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Detailed Playtest Results!

Postby Draz » Sat Jun 11, 2011 12:41 pm

I'll use this thread to post detailed logs of CRE8 battles that I run for purposes of testing game mechanics and balance.

If or when I get actual campaigns going in CRE8, I'll use a different thread(s) for that.

Eventually, I will be focusing on testing the balance of various feats/kits, but for now, the focus is simply to see whether the latest version of the Vitality/Injury system flows nicely. Once that's perfected, the rest of the system can grow around it. Still, I'll be throwing in some interesting special abilities on most combatants -- possibly with bits of handwaving to speed things up, since they're not the main focus yet. It's more fun that way.

Comments are welcome.
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Re: Detailed Playtest Results!

Postby Draz » Sat Jun 11, 2011 1:50 pm

3e Iconics vs. Two Goblins and a Wolf

In theory, a Level 1 monster should be equal in power to a Level 1 PC. Therefore, in order to challenge a Level 1 party without a large chance of killing one of them off, I figure that DMs will often throw three Level 1 monsters at a Level 1 party. And Goblins with a Wolf seem like a good starting place ... classic.

Likewise, I'm going with a party that's more or less the CRE8 version of Mialee, Jozan, Tordek, and Lidda. Because hey, why not. I'll branch out and do some more "fresh" parties soon enough.

I downloaded a random dungeon map to put them in, and had the monsters lurking around the corner from where the PCs were entering. Figured the monsters could hear the party coming, so didn't check for Surprise for anyone.

Battle Narrative
Round 1
Tordek and Jozan didn't actually win initiative, but they were the first to dare to come around the corner, see hostile monsters, and set up a defensive position in the doorway.

Goblin 2 saw the first actual action, darting around the room's table to attack Jozan from the far side, figuring he wanted to stay away from the big mean dwarf with the big mean axe until his allies could come flank. He rolled 2 Impact; Jozan failed his Defense Save and got scratched by the goblin's dagger with 5 VP remaining. (In hindsight, I'm not sure why Goblin 2 closed to melee instead of throwing some knives or darts first.)

Round 2
After this, everyone was more or less close enough to the battle to be involved after having taken one turn, and Mialee (who had actually won initiative) got to make the next move. She spent one of her two Magic Points for the encounter to cast a Frost spell (minor battlefield control with minor cold damage if you move through it), blocking Goblin 1 and the Wolf from the party. It was actually a terribly effective tactic, since minor damage matters a lot at this level.

The Wolf started to advance to fight Tordek, but realized that it was going to take significant damage if it went all the way through the Frost spell. After 1 damage, it backed off and got in position to make a running leap over the Frost, since the dungeon was too crowded to go around the spell effect.

Goblin 1, realizing it didn't want to advance through the spell, threw a dagger at Tordek. 2 Impact. Low accuracy DC due to long range, but Tordek managed to botch his Defense Save anyway and took 2 damage, leaving 11 Vitality (he's a tank!).

Tordek took a 5-foot step or "shift" to support Jozan against Goblin 2, took a swing for 7 impact. Not quite enough to make the goblin "Off-Guard" on the first hit, but still nasty. Goblin 2 used its Dodge feat, but still failed its save, so it went down to 0 VP and took a Hazard. Tordek could have Pushed it along the dungeon wall, but that would make it harder for Jozan to hit, so he just Staggered it instead. Jozan took a swing of his own -- 8 impact, and the Goblin was already out of VP. But it pulled off an amazing partial dodge (good Defense save roll), so all it took was another Hazard. Being a kind soul, Jozan knocked it Prone rather than Wounding it.

Goblin 2 couldn't get away, since he was Prone and Staggered. So in desperation, he lashed back at Tordek with a dagger stab at the knee. Even with a strong accuracy penalty for melee attacking while prone, he managed a scratch; Tordek botched another Defense Save and took 3 damage, down to 8 VP.

Lidda figured the two big guys had Goblin 2 handled, so she stood at the edge of the Frost spell and threw a dagger at Goblin 1. Goblin 1 Dodged the thrown dagger harmlessly.

Round 3
Mialee used up the rest of her magic for the encounter to drop another Frost spell over Goblin 1 and the Wolf.

Wolf ran through the new Frost spell (2 damage) and managed to leap over the first spell effect (handwaved Athletics check) to get into the safe zone near Goblin 2. He bit at Tordek for 4 impact; Tordek's shield still wasn't enough to make up for poor die rolls, so he got bitten (4 VP remaining). And the Wolf used its Topple feat as a swift action; Tordek failed his Brawn check and fell prone.

Goblin 1 threw a knife back at Lidda. She dodged it easily.

Tordek stood up; Wolf had no opportunity action available, but prone Goblin 2 did, and took another stab at the dwarf. Tordek managed to barely make his Defense Save this time, with the Prone accuracy penalty involved, and his good armor meant that the attack had no effect on him. Then he took a swing at the (already Frosted) Wolf -- 8 impact, good roll! The Wolf failed its Save, so it lost all its remaining VP and got Staggered.

Jozan took advantage of the goblin using up its opportunity attack to safely pray for a Bless spell on Tordek as a swift action. He failed his Spellcraft check, which meant he lost his swift action but not his Magic Point; the spell had no effect. He attacked Goblin 2 with his morningstar -- 8 impact, good roll! The goblin rolled to the side, dodging well for a glancing blow in spite of being out of VP, but still took a Hazard. Since it's already trapped, and kept stubbornly fighting instead of surrendering, Jozan got violent and Wounded it.

Goblin 2 took another stab at Tordek; he still rolled poorly but barely made his safe with the Prone factor. (The Goblin could have stood up this round, since it wasn't Staggered, but it didn't dare face Tordek's Opportunity Attack.) No effect got through Tordek's armor.

Lidda threw another knife at Goblin 1, and this time it connected (in spite of the Dodge feat), dealing 3 damage. The Goblin had 4 VP remaining, and its armor was good enough to prevent taking a Hazard from the knife scratch.

Round 4
Mialee knew her party was winning, so she was brave (for a wizard). She was out of MP, so she dismissed her first Frost spell as a swift action and Charged Goblin 1 with her staff. 2 Impact; the goblin failed its Defense Save (Dodge already used up for the round) and took 2 damage, leaving it with 2 VP.

The Wolf bit Tordek for 7 impact -- good roll, enough to put him Off-Guard with the damage he's already taken. Whoops, maybe Jozan should have healed him last turn. He passes his Defense Save this time (whew!), so he's just reduced to 0 VP and takes a Hazard (Staggered). The Wolf also uses Topple again, and knocks Tordek prone again (Brawn Check failed. I was forgetting about Dwarves' Stability feature, whoops.)

Goblin 1 took a stab at Mialee, but her Mage Armor spell saved her from taking a Hazard even though she failed her Defense Save. She takes 2 damage, has 5 VP remaining.

Tordek takes a breather for his standard action (Toughness feat), regaining 6 Vitality. Using the Toughness feat does use up one of his daily Reserve Points. He can't stand up this turn, because he's Staggered.

Jozan sees another safe casting opportunity, and prays for Bless again. He passes his Spellcraft check this time! So he loses one MP, but Tordek gains Momentum, which will keep him alive and fighting if he rolls poorly against the Wolf's bite again. Then Jozan takes another swing at annoying, stubborn Goblin 2. 7 Impact! The Goblin fails even with the Dodge feat (especially because it's Wounded!) So the Goblin is knocked out, and Jozan could also make sure it's Dying if he were so vindictive. He still has a move action, so he moves over to help Mialee with Goblin 1, calling for Lidda to support Tordek against the Wolf.

Lidda dances into position and attacks the Wolf for 2 impact. Sigh ... halflings just have a hard time dealing lots of damage. (She has the Sneak Attack feat, but in its current version, just flanking isn't enough to activate it anymore.) Still ... the Wolf fails its Defense Save, and since it's tired (no VP), Lidda gets to Wound it as a Hazard. Halflings' knives still hurt.

Round 5
Mialee smacks Goblin 1 in the face, rolling maximum Impact with her staff (4) and beating its Defense Save. It drops. Impressive for a mage.

The Wolf sees both its masters down and has a nasty bleeding wound on its leg, so it decides it's time to run away. It shifts away from the halfling's daggers, but can't avoid Tordek taking an opportunistic swing as he moves away ... and Tordek is a skilled fighter. 9 Impact is plenty to slam the exhausted Wolf into the ground, interrupting its Move action with a Clobber hazard, even when it passes its Defense save. And then it's Tordek's turn ... 8 Impact, Wolf bombs its Save and gets Dropped (and Dying, if Tordek so chooses). And he managed that even while Prone.

Tordek stands up, Jozan comes over and Heals him for another 6 VP. Jozan is now out of MP for the encounter.

So everyone except Lidda ends the battle slightly scratched, but probably not badly enough to be worth using Reserve Points to heal. Mialee and Jozan regain their MP with a short rest, at the cost of a Reserve Point each. And they're ready to keep exploring the dungeon.

I was pretty pleased with the overall pacing of this battle! Five rounds, but they each went quite quickly considering there were seven combatants; and I think that's actually the ideal I'm going for (lots of rounds, but each of them quick). It doesn't feel too hard to "drop" monsters anymore, like it did in several earlier versions of the Vitality/Injury system. This is good! :D

Combat also felt quite easy to describe and "dynamic," with attacks having cinematic consequences, which was my original intent in moving away from the standard HP system.

I'm less pleased with some of the specific abilities' balance. The Frost spell doing both battlefield control and damage is probably too powerful at Level 1. Skirmishing types (both Lidda and the goblins) seem a little ineffectual; I think that's the main reason the party won slightly more easily than I was expecting. But these are easy adjustments to make, by re-writing the specifics of various equipment, kits, or feats.
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Re: Detailed Playtest Results!

Postby Draz » Sat Jun 11, 2011 5:41 pm

3e Iconics vs. Six Goblins
I decided to continue testing whether Goblins were really too weak, and also play with the multiple-battles-per-day rules (Reserve Points) by having the iconic party ambushed by six Goblins just as they finished resting after their previous battle. Well, maybe not "ambushed" ... I still didn't bother with checking whether they got Surprised. They heard the Goblins coming. But they did get attacked form several sides at once, and that made a big difference to the tension of the battle. I also decided that these particular goblins were fanatics, and wouldn't make an intelligent strategic retreat. They wanted to fight to the death.

The party still came out on top, but this time it was scary-close. Tordek and Lidda were Dying at the end, and Jozan was out of healing magic. And none of them had more than 2 VP left. None of them actually got Dropped, though ... Lidda ducked out of the fight for a while when she was in danger of it.

Thoughts on how it turned out this time?
  • It was much more of a grind, much less fun than the other battle. I guess that's what happens when one side of the battle all have low damage and Dodge ... sloooooww. But I don't expect that to be the norm in CRE8.
  • Speaking of Dodge, it felt a LOT more powerful in this battle than in the other.
  • Some Vitality/Injury rules come up a lot less often than I expected. It was very rare for anyone to take the "fixed" two points of damage from an attack. (Again, not a fair sample of the system ... it was mostly just because of the way the Goblins were built.) Also, it was very rare for anyone to get Wounded without first running out of VP, because even when they rolled low enough on their Peril save, those usually weren't the same attacks that a Hazard was inflicted. But that's OK, because that mechanic is mostly meant to speed up high-level battles, where it will come up more often.
  • Hindering Zone (the Frost spell) didn't deal damage this time ... and it felt pretty weak. But that was partly because of the being attacked from multiple directions thing. Mialee didn't even use both her MP; she just whacked with the staff most of the time. Which went fine; she certainly wasn't as effective as Tordek or Jozan, but she didn't feel useless. And hey, tomorrow she can prepare a more direct-damage spell anyway.
  • I think the Healing abilities (Jozan's spell and Toughness) are at a good place balance-wise. Wasting an action on them is painful, but worth it if it prevents you from being Off-Guard when you get attacked thereafter.
  • Lots of tactical decisions. Lots of shifting and flanking came up. Whether I consider that a good thing depends on my mood.
  • So yeah, the goblins still lost 6 vs. 4. And Lidda was the second creature out of the battle, after one goblin. So I think I've made skirmisher types too weak. Currently, Small Size inflicts a -1 penalty on creatures' Armor Value and Impact Rolls (and a +1 to their Defense Save and Accuracies); perhaps I should drop the penalty to Impact? Or just make something like Sneak Attack more useful?
  • Tordek was king of the battlefield! But he eventually got worn down and succumbed under a pile of goblins. (Well, he didn't go down, but he would have if the battle had gone on any longer. He took a Dying wound just at the end.) That's good -- that's the way a fighter type should be in battle. Clear leader of the party in melee, but still vulnerable without help.
  • I've handwaved away the small chance of each creature starting the battle with Momentum. Not a big deal, since there aren't very many ways for them to use it (I haven't decided if Jozan or Mialee have any Metamagic talents). But it would have at least let them negate some Hazards or let the Goblins Dodge twice in one round.
  • Nine and a half rounds total. Yeah. Now I want to go run something very different, with big, tough, high-damage creatures. Maybe a 1v1 duel between Tordek and an Orc.
  • Still pretty pleased overall with the flow of how creatures got wounded and dropped. Not sure I need to make any changes to Vitality/Injury rules.
  • Oh, except I should probably put in something about how nonmagical healing (of Vitality Points) doesn't work on Dying creatures. It kind of bothered me that Lidda and Tordek could still move around the dungeon fine at the end with major arteries severed, without Jozan spending magic on them. On the other hand, they're still losing an action every round and can't do anything "strenuous," so maybe slow walking doesn't hurt my simulationist senses too badly.
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Re: Detailed Playtest Results!

Postby Draz » Mon Jun 13, 2011 10:16 am

Dwarf Soldier vs. Orc Grunt

Orc barbarian mook with a (long)spear comes face to face with a Dwarf with a big axe and a big shield in clear terrain, within charging distance of each other. Yadda yadda, nothing really creative here. Both combatants are Level 1.

The Orc rolled lucky and actually managed to start the battle with Momentum. He also won initiative.

Round 1
The Orc Raged as a swift action (activated a stance, which actually doesn't buff it very much unless you add in the Berserker Kit, which isn't available at Level 1). Then it charged -- and missed. The Dwarf rolled well on his Defense Save, and his heavy armor meant that he wasn't even worn out by having to deflect that blow.

The Dwarf shifted up to the Orc and attacked, with enough Impact to beat the Orc's leather armor; the Orc narrowly passed his Save and took only 2 damage (a miss, but one that still tired the Orc out). 11 VP remained.

Round 2
The Orc swung again; again the Dwarf parried it effortlessly with his armor and shield.

The Dwarf only rolled 3 Impact on its attack this time, so with a successful save the Orc likewise executed an effortless parry.

Round 3
The Dwarf parried another blow nicely -- again, the Orc failed to roll high enough Impact to beat his armor, so a successful save meant he got off scot-free.

The Orc failed his save against the Dwarf's axe this round. Fortunately for him, it was a low-Impact roll; only 3 damage, no Hazard. 8 VP left.

Round 4
The Orc stabbed again, and finally learned a bit of aiming. The Dwarf failed his Defense, and took damage, though the Orc had rolled minimum Impact (3). The Dwarf was left with 10 VP.

The Dwarf rolled poor Impact again, and the Orc (barely) passed his Defense, so it was another Miss.

Round 5
The Orc rolled mediocre Impact again, 5, but the Dwarf flubbed its Defense this time and got knocked down to 5 VP.

The Dwarf rolled minimum Impact and the Orc got a natural 20 on Defense. Miss.

Round 6
The Orc missed again ...

Things finally heated up as the Dwarf rolled decent Impact (7) and the Orc got a natural 1 on Defense. So the Orc dropped to 1 VP, and the Dwarf was trying to decide whether to Stagger him or Wound him. But the Orc expended his lucky Momentum to negate the Hazard, so the choice was moot.

Round 7
The Orc's Rage hadn't benefitted him yet, except for making him faster on his initial Charge. One of its bigger effects was a Willpower Save boost, which didn't matter in this battle. But at this point, he was able to use its other ability: 1/encounter burn a Reserve Point to heal some damage as a swift action. He rolled very well and healed 6 VP. Then he thrust with his spear ... and had it glance off the Dwarf's shield yet again.

The Dwarf's axe rolled 5 Impact, the Orc failed its save, and it was back down to 2 VP.

Round 8
The Orc finally rolled higher than a 3 on a 1d6, and got a good Impact (7) with his spear, which was enough to beat both the Dwarf's armor and the Dwarf's remaining VP. The Dwarf still passed its save handily, which kept it from getting Dropped then and there, but it still got reduced to 0 VP and took a Hazard. The Orc, deciding to put his spear's reach to good use, Staggered the Dwarf, then took a five-foot shift back from him.

The Dwarf couldn't attack this turn, since (being Staggered) he couldn't move forward and attack too. So he made the best of the situation by spending his turn on his Toughness feat. Spend a Reserve Point, heal 6 VP.

Round 9
The Orc poked at the Dwarf. Defense Save failed, but the Dwarf's armor meant that it was just a scratch. 5 VP damage, Dwarf was back down to 1 VP. Then the Orc took another step back; that put enough distance between them to let the Dwarf charge, but in doing so, he would provoke an opportunity attack.

The Dwarf obliged. Opportunity attack 5 Impact. The Dwarf was too tired (Off-Guard) to parry it entirely, but he passed his save, so (with his armor) the only effect was losing his remaining 1 VP. Then he closed the distance to the Orc and took another mighty swing with his axe ...

Impact roll ... 8. Orc rolled his Defense Save ... 4. The Orc collapsed with a serious (but not lethal) axe wound in his body.


I'm not going to lie, 9 rounds is more than I was expecting or hoping for, for a 1v1 duel ... and rounds 1-5 were pretty boring.

Part of that is undoubtedly the fault of the dice. (The Orc's Impact rolls, especially, were pathetic.) But I'm still considering dropping all Armor Values by 1 or something.

I did like several things about this duel, though. I liked that it was close, in the end, since it was between two Level 1's. (The Dwarf at the end is in big trouble if he gets attacked a couple more times.) I liked that it got more cinematic as the characters started running out of VP (more movement, more special abilities, more status conditions being inflicted). I liked that pretty much everything ended up mattering (Momentum, the Toughness feat, the Rage feat, the spear's reach). And while it was highly dependent on die rolls, it was certainly less "swingy" than a Level 1 duel in 3.5e.
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Re: Detailed Playtest Results!

Postby Draz » Sat Jun 18, 2011 2:47 pm

New Level 1 Party vs. Ogre

Next up, a friend and I independently determined that the system needed to test what happened when a "big" critter gets ganged up on. A few days ago, I ran a fight between a Level 3 Ogre and two Level 2 melee types, and the Ogre munched 'em both without even breaking a sweat. But I didn't bother posting the playtest results because I realized that I made quite a few big mistakes running the battle, both in the heroes' tactics and in the game rules. So I thought the Ogre deserved another test, and my friend said it should be against a Level 1 party. But I wanted a break from Jozan & co., so I came up with a new Level 1 party to try out.

This party consisted of a Tiefling melee Warlock, a reckless Human Barbarian, a buff-focused Elf caster (bard-type), and a Raptoran Archer (of the sort who will probably take the Ranger kit when he hits Level 3). Of note is the fact that there was no healer. I wanted to see if that became a big problem for the PCs.

Also of note is my decision that, in the haphazard details of the rules that I'm playing with so far, Large creatures (like the Ogre) do not automatically get Reach with non-reach weapons. That would be one quick way to make the Ogre significantly more nasty, if such proves necessary.

Round 1
Nobody rolled high enough to start with Momentum ... and nobody really had any ability to gain Momentum, either, so it didn't come into play this fight. The Warlock won initiative and advanced on the Ogre, although with dungeon terrain obstacles he couldn't attack, even with a charge.

The Ogre advanced in turn and took a swing at the Warlock; it was too dangerous a blow for him to trust his armor to absorb, but he dodged it well and lost only 2 VP for his effort.

The Archer entered the room; he couldn't get a good angle in one move action, so he settled for a position where the Ogre had cover. Instead of firing, he readied an action to shoot the Ogre on its turn -- his normal tactic, since I gave him a Feat that gives him a better-than-usual chance of interrupting others' actions with prepared shots.

The Barbarian entered; he couldn't get a good charge angle, so he just moved to a position where it would be easy for him to charge next round.

The Bard entered the room and I didn't do anything aggressive with her (like charge with her whip); she just positioned herself where she could strike with her whip or buff the Warlock on her next turn. Dumb choice, in hindsight. At the least, I should have positioned her near the Barbarian, who could use her buff better than the Warlock.

Round 2
The Warlock spent a Magic Point and a standard action to execute his Energy Strike feat (a spell). The additional fire damage that the spell added to his sword helped him beat the Ogre's armor. The Ogre failed its Defense and took a full 7 damage, plus got Staggered. Then -- very important, although maybe less so with the Staggered effect -- the Warlock shifted back away from the monster.

The Ogre had no foes within reach, and it had no move action ... but it did have a swift action, which was enough to pull out a rock to chuck. So it drew a rock and threw it at the Warlock ... who didn't get his shield up in time and took 5 damage (which wasn't quite enough to get through his armor for a Hazard). Somewhere in this process, the Ogre ignored the piddly arrow that got stuck in its armor for no effect (Archer rolled poorly, and cover didn't help).

The disappointed Archer moved to have a clearer shot, over by the Barbarian, and readied another arrow. I should mention that I was treating drawing arrows as a free action, like in 3.5e, but I'm not sure that's a good idea. Maybe it should cost a swift.

The Barbarian charged, dealing 6 damage. I decided that charging should still carry the "you can't move any more in the same turn after you use this" clause that I think it has in 4e.

The Bard buffed the Warlock with her Weapon Ward spell, since the Warlock only had 3 VP left.

Round 3
The Warlock used Energy Strike again. It didn't get through the Ogre's armor. It also left him next to the Ogre.

The Ogre shrugged off another piddly arrow attack that rolled poorly for Impact (and he again had Cover against the attack, thanks to the Barbarian getting in the way of the Archer), and since he wasn't clobbered and didn't have to move, he was able to use his Power Attack feat this round. Since the Warlock just picked up a defensive buff, the Ogre decided to swing his cudgel at the Barbarian instead of trying to finish the Warlock off. He rolled a whopping 12 Impact, and the Barbarian failed his save, so he was reduced to 1 VP and got Staggered (which meant he couldn't use his own Power Attack).

The Archer moved again in search of a clear shot, and again readied an attack in hopes of interrupting the monster.

The Barbarian made an ineffectual non-Power Attack.

The Bard burned her second Magic Point to put her defense buff on the Barbarian, who now needed it worse than the Warlock.

Round 4
The Warlock burned the last of his magic for the encounter on another Energy Strike, and though his Impact was still mediocre, the Ogre failed its Defense this time and lost 6 VP, leaving it with 3.

The Ogre had a serious debate here: try to Power Attack one of his assailants into oblivion, or use his Toughness feat to recharge? I decided to play it safe and recharge, healing 11 VP; and I also decided that, since using Toughness would just look like catching one's breath for a second, it wouldn't trigger the Archer's readied attack. But then the Ogre tried to shift back from his assailants (which mostly would just prevent the Barbarian from Power Attacking) ... and the Archer fired his readied shot. And rolled well for a change. And the Ogre got a nat 1 on its Defense. So the Ogre's Shift action got canceled, and he lost 7 VP, and he got Wounded. (The Archer debated whether it was better to Wound or Stagger him, but chose Wounded mostly because it's a rare option to actually put the Peril system to work. And it's cinematic to picture.)

The Archer readied yet another shot. Should have gone for the kill at this point, really.

The Barbarian was no longer Staggered, and the Ogre had failed to move away, so he Power Attacked. 11 Impact ... and the Ogre rolled a 3 on Defense. He got Dropped, with a potentially lethal wound.


So apparently a healthy Level 1 party of four characters doesn't have much trouble with a Level 3 monster. I ... think I'm actually ok with that. A numerical advantage should be a big deal; I want a Level 3 PC to still be worried if he gets ganged up on by four Town Guard Mooks, after all.

If the DM wanted the Ogre to be a proper boss fight, he should have had minions ... and maybe fought the PCs when a couple of them were already Wounded or something.

The Bard was pretty useless; all she did was convince the Ogre to spread out its attack one round, and I'm not sure that was a good decision on the Ogre's part. I'm thinking I need to re-write the Weapon Ward buff spell so that it doesn't use standard actions to set up, or something.

Power Attack, which currently lets you add +1d6 damage to a melee attack (with two-handed weapons) if you sacrifice a Move Action, is very strong, but I might be ok with that. Because the threat of Power Attacking existing makes combat a little more dynamic, with movement and terrain staying important after the battle starts. Which is good.

The Archer's "Opportunistic Shot" feat was a lot of fun to use, but seemed a little strong. (It says that if the target fails its save against your shot, you can cancel whatever action you interrupted when you fired.) I can imagine that a party of four with that feat could be quite overpowered. Also, it's a pain to remember to use it if you're controlling multiple characters. Maybe I'll keep it pretty close to the same, but give it some nasty prereqs, so only high-ish level dedicated archers can take it.

Overall, I was happy with the flow of combat and how long it took. It went quick, but not so quick that it felt anticlimactic. The lack of a Healer didn't seem to be a big deal for the party.
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