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Mind Flayer

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Mind Flayer

Postby oslecamo » Mon Jan 31, 2011 9:30 am

Mind Flayer
1+ 0+0+0+2Mind Flayer body, telepathy, Battle of minds, Superior Intellect
2+ 1+ 0+0+3Minor psionics
3+ 2+ 1+ 1+3Mind Blast, Psionic resistance
4+ 3+ 1+1+4Improved grab, Dissecate
5+ 3+ 1+1+4Advanced psionics
6+ 4+ 2+2+5Fast Tentacles
7+ 5+ 2+2+5Extract,
8+ 6+ 2+2+6Greater psionics

Skills:4+int modifier per level, quadruple at 1st level.The mind flayer’s class skills (and the key ability for each
skills) are Bluff (Cha), Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Intimidate (Cha), Knowledge (any) (Int), Hide(Dex), Listen (Wis), Move Silently (Dex), Profession (Wis), Use Magic device (Cha), Spellcraft(Int), Psicraft(Int) and Spot (Wis).

Proefeciencies:a mind flayer is proefecient with simple weapons and his tentacles attacks.

Mind Flayer body: At 1st level, the mind flayer loses all other racial bonus and gets aberration traits(darkvision 60 feets basicaly). He's a medium sized aberration creature with base speed 30 with several tentacles around it's mouth. Two of those tentacles can be used as natural attacks dealing 1d4+Str damage each. The mind flayer becomes able to use one extra tentacle as a natural attack for each 3 HD it possesses (3 tentacles with 3 HD, 4 tentacles with 6 HD, 5 tentacles with 9 HD, ect).

The mind flayer takes no penalty for attacking with all his tentacles in a fullattack.
If the mind flayer coup de graces a monster and kills with it's tentacles, it can eat it's brains.

The Mind flayer gets a Nat armor bonus equal to his Int or Cha modifier, wichever is higher.

Telepathy:a mind flayer gains telepathy with a range of 10 feets for each HD he possesses. . A mind flayer who multiclasses for an arcane/psionic class can count his Mind Flayer levels as levels of that class for purposes of CL/ML and for the purposes of learning new spells/powers and geting new spell slots/power points. So for example, a Mind Flayer 3 who took 1 level of sorceror could choose to have CL 4, get 3 2nd level spell slots, 1 1st level spell slot, 1 2nd level spell known and 1 0th level spell known. He wouldn't get the spell knowns and spell slots of a sorceror 3 however. He would get the familiar ability, but mind flayer levels wouldn't count for it.

Battle of Minds:
The Mind Flayer fights smarter not harder. It may use either his Int or Cha modifier instead of strenght in his to hit roll attacks with tentacles.

In adition, the mind flayer may add his Int modifier on top of his Cha modifier in Bluff and Intimidate checks, and may use the demoralize option in any oponent he can reach with his telepathy, not only oponents in melee range.

Superior Intellect: At each level of this class the mind flayer gets either a permanent +1 to his intellegence score or a permanent +1 to his Charisma score.

Minor psionics: The mind flayer can use detect toughts, charm person and levitate as SLAs once per day for each HD it possesses. The save DCs are 10+1/2HD+Cha mod.

Mind Blast:A mind flayer can focus his mind in a powerfull stunning wave attack. It affects a cone of 10 feets and stuns all targets inside it for 1d4 rounds. A will save of 10+1/2HD of the mind flayer+Mind flayer's Cha modifier denies the stun. This ability is useable 1/day for each HD of the mind flayer.

The cone affects an extra 5 feets for each extra HD of the mindflayer beyond 3. The Mind flayer can choose to affect a smaller area than his maximum with his mind blast attack in order to don't hit allies. The stun effect lasts for an extra 1d4 rounds for each two extra HD beyond 3.

Psionic resistance:The mind flayer gets SR equal to 11+HD.

Improved Grab:To use this ability, a mind flayer must hit a Small, Medium-size, or Large creature with a tentacle attack (or a Huge creature if it can reach the creature’s head). If the grab is successful, on its next action the mind flayer may attempt to attach its remaining tentacles with a single grapple check. The target can escape all the tentacles with a single grapple check, but the mind flayer gets a +2 bonus to oppose this check for each of its tentacles beyond the first that is attached to the target.

The mind flayer's cold mind allows him to quickly figure out the best way to hurt his foes with his exceptionally flexible tentacles. He may use either his Cha or Int modifier instead of Str on tentacle damage rolls and grapple checks.

Advanced psionics: The mind flayer can now use sugestion and charm monster as SLAs once per day for each HD it possesses. The save DCs are 10+1/2HD+Cha mod.

Fast Tentacles:
Whenever the mind flayer uses one of his SLAs, Mind Blast ability, casts a spell or manifests a power he may make an attack with an tentacle as a swift action.

As a full round action, the mindflayer may use an SLA, or cast a spell or manifest a power with a duration of a standard action or less, and then attack with all his tentacles.

Extract (Ex): A mind flayer of 7th level or higher that begins its turn with all four tentacles attached and makes a successful grapple check automatically extracts the opponent’s brain, instantly killing that creature (unless it has multiple brains or can function without its brain).

Regardless of the victim surviving or dying, whenever the Mind flayer consumes a brain, he absorbs it's memories like a delicious delicacy, greatly invigorating himself. The mind flayer gets a bonus on his attacks, skills, saves, Mind Blast, psionics and spells DCs equal to the highest mental score modifier of the victim. The Mind Flayer can't gain a bonus bigger than half his own HD with this ability. It lasts for 1 hour for each HD of the victim.

Diferent bonus from diferent brains don't stack.

Greater psionics:The Mind flayer can now use plane shift and Astral projection as SLAs once per day for each 4 HD it has. The save DCs are 10+1/2HD+Cha mod.

A classic D&D monster, this mind flayer focus more on his mental powers. It doesn't have the versatility of your typical caster, but has some good mobility and several save or dies to choose from. It's BAB is medium to make up for that.

I created some new abilities to make the mind flayer actualy good with his tentacles so it is rewarded for trying to eat brains in combat.

My improved extract ability at 7th level gives the mind flayer a powerfull incentive to actualy hunt brains of smart beings, but the limits should probably keep it from becoming too abuseable.

Finally, the class multiclasses quite well with both arcane and psionic classes, allowing you to create true mind flayer sorcerors/psions.

For more martial dudes, the extra tentacle attacks from the mind flayer make it a juicy dip.
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