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Postby oslecamo » Mon Jan 31, 2011 4:53 pm

1+0+2+0+0Troll body, Reckless Assault, Shrug it off, Str+1, Con+1
2+1+3+0+0Scent, Throwing Hunter, Str+1, Con+1
3+2+3+1+1Scent, Str+1, Con+1
4+3+4+1+1Rend, Lunging Throw, Str+1, Con+1
5+3+4+1+1Growth , Overrun, Str+1, Con+1

Skills: 2+int modifier per level, quadruple at first level. Class skills:
spot, listen, climb, jump, swim, knowledge(nature, geography, war), handle animal, intimidate.

Proficiencies: all simple weapons and his own natural weapons.

Troll body: the troll loses all other racial bonuses, and gains giant traits, a base speed of 30 feet, two claw attacks dealing 1d4+Str mod each and one bite attack dealing 1d4+1/2 Str mod damage . He also gains a natural armor bonus equal to his own Con modifier.

Reckless Assault:Trolls are infamous for throwing themselves at their oponents while trusting their own toughness to endure whenever the oponent throws back at them. Whenever the troll charges or full attacks, he may make an extra claw or bite attack at his highest attack bonus, but causes an attack of oportunity from their oponent. If this attack of oportunity misses, the troll may make a new bite or claw attack, provoking a new attack of oportunity, and so on. The troll cannot gain a number of bonus attacks bigger than his own HD this way.

Shrug it off: At first level a troll's regeneration still isn't fully developed, but they're already able to quickly recover with mere seconds of rest. As a standard action, a number of times per day equal to his Con modifier, the Troll may heal itself for an amount of HP equal to HDxCon modifier.

At 3 HD, this ability automatically triggers should the Troll be droped below 0 HP.

Ability score increase:a troll gains +1 Str and +1 Con for each level in this class.

Scent:At 2nd level, a Troll gains the scent extraordinary ability, as the standard SRD ability.

Hunter Leap: At 2nd level, a Troll performing a charge can choose to fling itself trough the air. It can only move up to his speed (instead of twice), but counts as flying for all purposes, so ignores dificult terrain and can leap over a chasm, or reach flying targets. If it finishes it's charge on the air, then it falls back on the ground and takes damage as apropriate.

Lunging Throw: After centuries of running after agile preys while being too lazy to run faster themselves, trolls developed a natural talent for usinng thrown weapons to slow down their oponents. At 3rd level, if the Troll moves at least 10 feet on the direction of a target and then hits it with a thrown weapon, it must make a reflex save with DC 10+1/2HD+Str mod or be unable to move for 1 round (it can still attack/use items/cast, just not move). If the hit oponent was flying, it drops 10 feet for every point it failed the save. If this makes it hit the ground, it takes falling damage as apropriate.

Rend:At 3rd level, if a troll hits with both claw attacks, it latches onto the opponent’s body and tears the flesh. This attack automatically deals an additional 2d6+1,5 Str modifier points of damage.

Regeneration: At 4th level the Troll gains regeneration equal to half his HD. Fire and acid deal normal damage to a troll. If a troll loses a limb or body part, the lost portion regrows in 3d6 minutes. The creature can reattach the severed member instantly by holding it to the stump.

Tear trough:At 4th level, as the Troll's regeneration awakens, it becomes even more reckless, allowing him to suffer grievous injuries in order to push trough traps and hazards at any cost. The troll may deal Claw damage to itself as an immediate action in order to re-roll a failed save with a bonus equal to the self-inflicted damage. This cannot be used against spells/effects dealing fire or acid damage.

Growth:At 5th level the troll grows one size category.

Overrun: 1/day for every 2 HD it has, the Troll may push it's body to the limits. As a fullround action, it can move up to twice it's speed, ignoring hard terrain and even moving over oponents, while delivering one claw attack to every oponent he passes trough (no more than one attack per oponent), or alternatively full attack one single oponent at any time during the move. The troll causes attacks of oportunity as normal for moving, but in the turn this ability is used, and for a number of turns equal to his Con modifier afterwards, he automatically heals an amount of HP equal to his HD every time it's damaged (except if the source of damage is fire or acid).

Skraag: When taking this class, you may choose to be a skraag, an aquatic troll. In that case at 1st level your base speed is just 20 foot but you gain a swim speed equal to twice your base speed, and your regeneration only works when you're sugmerged in water.

The original troll is strong, but kinda boring. Hit with claws and bite, regenerate some damage every turn, and that's it.

So the Troll class offers several new takes on the whole self-healing aspect, then new combat options for the troll, focusing on ferocious assaults while exposing yourself to enemy attacks, and some thrown weapon goodyness because I'm a WC III fan.
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