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Introduction and general history

For Admiral Squish's Tryor, a campaign setting shaped by the mutagenic skills of its Illithid overlords.

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Introduction and general history

Postby AdmiralSquish » Sat Mar 19, 2011 10:39 am

Introduction/General History

Long ago, the world of Tryor was a mundane realm. Unaware of their place in the multiverse, the plane was primitive, unspoiled. Animals wandered the land, hunted by primitive tribes of men. Magic did not exist here, and life was short, simplistic, and brutal. But everything changed one day, when the fabric of the world screamed and the protective shell guarding the realm tore, split by powerful, otherworldly magic. The shapers arrived that day, powerful beings from beyond the plane of mortals. They were capable of great and terrible feats, using a strange power yet unseen upon this world.

The primitive humans saw these otherworldly creatures as gods or monsters. Some fought them, but they were no match for the shaper’s incredible power. The shapers soon had a stranglehold on the primative world. They saw this raw, mundane world as the perfect petri dish, an unspoiled world to shape to their will. The shaper’s powerful magic warped flesh and bone, warping normal creatures into monsters and changing mankind into the many forms that now roam the lands.

Over the next 5000 years, the world changed. Cities grew, the land itself was reshaped, birds and beasts took on ever more exotic and alien forms until they became the norm. The shapers, however, were divided. The shapers split into six factions, each with a different idea of what to do with the realm, each taking a portion of their new-found home as their own. The shaper nations competed and cooperated, sometimes even fought, but things were stable.

Only a short 100 years ago however, the shapers were overthrown in a massive, coordinated strike by their most intelligent creations and most trusted aides, the illithid. The illithid slew many of the shapers, and drove the others off, back into the multiverse. But the illithid were not liberators, they were dictators. Unconcerned with the shaper’s creations, the illithid used the magical artifacts of their former masters to make themselves more powerful. The common races took their opportunity and rose as one to strike down the illithid tyrants, quickly deposing them and driving them underground. In revenge, the illithid released all the shaper’s most dangerous, violent creations upon the world, uncontrolled. It is only now that the dust is finally beginning to settle in a world ravaged by corruptive magic and terrible beasts.
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