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For Admiral Squish's Tryor, a campaign setting shaped by the mutagenic skills of its Illithid overlords.

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Postby AdmiralSquish » Sat Mar 19, 2011 11:07 am


Changelings are subtle shapeshifters capable of disguising their appearance, created by the shifters of Myralis. Originally, their ability to mimic other races made them the ideal test subjects for the shapers, who would perform tests on them over and over. When the common races gathered to throw down the illithids, many of the visiting armies left with changelings hiding in their numbers. Now, the changelings dwell among every race, some living one life, others living in many.

Personality: In general, changelings are prudent and cautious, preferring to take risks only when they feel that their chances of success are good or the payoff is worth it. They appreciate the finer things in life and take great pleasure in the comforts of a wealthy lifestyle when they can obtain it. They avoid direct confrontation, preferring stealthy strikes and hasty retreats whenever possible. In conversation, they are soft-spoken but have a gift for drawing out more information from the other party than they intended to reveal.

Physical Description: All changelings fall within the boundaries of Medium size, usually standing between 5 and 6 feet tall. Changelings can choose their gender at any time, but most changelings choose a gender and spend most of their time as that one. Changelings have pale gray skin, and their hair is thin and fair. Their limbs are long and slightly out of proportion compared to other humanoids. Their faces have muted features, with flattened noses, thin lips, and blank white eyes. The rest of their facial features don’t look quite as finished as those on a human.

Relations: Nobody with any sense completely trust a changeling. Many people, however, have reason to do business with them. Most members of other races treat changelings with extreme caution. Dwarves have little patience for their deceptive and subtle manner. Halflings, on the other hand, enjoy matching wits with changelings, though the changelings and shadow halflings are often rivals in certain shady activities.

Alignment: Changelings of all alignments exist, but most gravitate toward the neutral alignment. They focus on their own concerns without any meaningful regard for laws or morals. Many have their own code of honor but are also fiercely independent. Some refuse to engage in assassination, while others embrace that path as the most perfect form of the changeling art of deception.

Changeling Lands: Changelings live all through the world of Tryor, gravitating towards large cities where their ability to mimic humanoids can be used to its full potential. Some, however, prefer to live quiet lives elsewhere, living disguised as members of other races. Some find respectable work as entertainers, government agents, and sometimes adventurers. Changelings have no established homeland of their own.

Language: Changelings speak common, but they have developed a talent for languages in general, often learning many languages to perfect their disguises.

Names: The original changelings from Myralis had no names, taking up the names of those they replaced when they left the central nation. Many changelings don't keep personal names, acquiring new names and abandoning them as they move through social circles, a new name for each face. However, those changelings trying to live as members of other species name their children to match the race they're impersonating.

Adventurers: Changeling adventurers might be fleeing from past crimes, seeking revenge for a wrong done to them, or striving for spiritual perfection through the use of their shapechanging abilities. Others are driven to adventure through a simple lack of other palatable opportunities: Changelings who are not inclined toward crime or stealth often have difficulty finding steady work.
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Re: Changelings

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As with the shifters, the changeling stats worked pretty much perfectly in the setting, I just needed to mess around with the fluff.
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