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Postby Fax » Thu Nov 11, 2010 6:43 pm

Any material posted here is property of the poster, not of Competitor, unless otherwise stated. Competitor makes no claims to try to assure that material posted here falls strictly within copyright rules and leaves the poster of material to determine what is or isn't a copyright violation. As a poster, if your material violates a copyright and you receive a Cease and Desist letter or other notice about removal of your material from a representative from a company whose copyright has been violated, it is your responsibility to notify the forum administration to alter and/or remove the offending material.

Competitor makes no claim to material presented here unless otherwise stated: it is only a mechanism for sharing developed or developing material. Any and all claims or issues regarding material presented here should be directed to the poster of the material. The forum administration will do what it can to assist in contacting said individual but takes no responsibility for posters who are un-contactable, but will remove any offending material if provided legal documentation that clearly demonstrates a copyright or other legal violation.
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