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New Guard

Postby PSOA » Sat Oct 09, 2010 12:58 pm

New Guard is a setting for Mouse Guard/Burning Wheel. Ten minutes into the future, the New Guard, a secret paragovernmental organization, defuses terrorist threats on and off the internet. The motives and goals of the guard are just as mysterious as its enemies', however; basic agents know little to nothing about the organization.

The Secret

Most high ranking government officials do not even know the New Guard exists. Individuals are classified in the Guards' files by how much they know about the guard:

0:Not aware of the Guard or level 2 terrorist organizations.
1:Aware that the New Guard exists.
2:Has had a brush with the Guard.
3:Knows about the Guard's organizational structure, and the way missions are assigned.
4:Knows the names of 1 or more Guard Coordinator.
5:Has knowledge about the Guard on level with a Coordinator.
6:Knows who the leader(s) of the guard are.

A:Should not know about the Guard.
B:Should not know about the Guard, but are not marked for clean up.
C:Acceptable level 1-3 knowledge about the Guard.
D:Acceptable level 1-4 knowledge about the Guard.

1As are often marked for clean up by Guard members.
Missions related to nonguard targets level 5-7 are not given to Members.

Guard Rank:Description
Uninitiated:Person meets qualifications/attributes for Guard induction.
Member:Person is a functioning Guard member, and is assigned missions.
Coordinator:Person is a functioning Guard member, and assigns missions over an area.
Supercoordinator:Person is a functioning Guard member, and manages Coordinators in a larger area.

Lower ranked members never know the identities of higher ranked officials except in exceedingly unusual circumstances.

Sync replaces Nature, and rates how in-tune a GM is with his implants.
A Sync grade of 0 means a Guard Member has succumbed to Implant Rejection. (See: Disease)
A Sync grade of 7 means a Guard Member has succumbed to Hypercyberization Sickness.

Guard Members from rank Member to Supercoordinator have three primary implants:

1. Hyperprocessor
The hyperprocessor is an attachment that extends the basic functions of the human brain; allowing it to handle the complex information found while interfacing with computers. The hyperprocessor does not replace the brain's functions, but merely applies them to new tasks: for example, a human with a hyperprocessor and a network connection can quickly find the name of someone in a picture from only their face, or set aside the task of doing complicated math while focusing on acting and decision making normally.
2. Human-Objective Interface
The HOI, also known as the 'neckplant', consists of two I-Ports and one E-Port surgically added to the back of a GM's neck. The ports are generally covered with false skin. I-Ports can be used to interface safely with computers, while the E-Port can be used as an I-Port, but it functions more slowly as its security is much more complicated. The purpose of the E-Port is to receive missions, let a Guard surgeon perform diagnostics, or to have a private wire interface with another Guard Member. (Conversations over an E-Port connection are impossible to monitor.) Using the E-Port for mundane tasks is frowned upon, because of how important its integrity is.
3. Organ Augmentation
The OA is a tiny subsystem that connects the hyperprocessor to the rest of the body's functions for metabolization monitoring and keeping track of other bioinformatics. Organ Augmentations can be used to 'overcharge' the body and perform superhuman physical tasks.
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