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Fax MechCombat Maptools framework

For Fax Celestis' playing-card-based tabletop, MechCombat.

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Fax MechCombat Maptools framework

Postby Lokyar » Sun Nov 07, 2010 9:05 pm

Hola. Decided to make a maptools framework for Fax's MechCombat homebrew. As of this posting it's still extremely basic but the basic functionality is there.

You can create and use a deck, and there are properties for Mech tokens with HP for the five major parts, heat, and power as well as bars to give a quick-view of those values when you mouse over the token.

A sample mech is included in the campaign file provided with macros for taking damage to individual parts and gaining heat. These automatically update the bars as well, and there's a neat little effect for heat.

Maptools can be found here. b76 or higher required. Designed on b76 so I cant speak for stability on higher versions as they come out.

Fax MechCombat2.cmpgn
1.3b76 Maptools MechCombat Playtest File v1.0
(933.06 KiB) Downloaded 405 times
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